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    Radio control and static armor from all periods, even prototypes that never made production.
  1. If you want MY opinion ... lights on a tank are a bit of a novelty. I don't install them nor would I use them. Now, mounting a search light on your tank might be an option, or working brake lights and/or column lamps, but headlamps operational on a tank is a bit odd if you ask me. Jeff
  2. HEY... it's alive now! Good job. Jeff
  3. Looking good! I know what you mean by "boxy". I have the 1/16 HL KV-1 I want to transform into a KV-122 and the tank is quite large compared to it's T34 predecessor. Jeff
  4. Yeah, it's really a riot to use as it sort of "dampens" (appears as it's wet) the area applied, so seeing where you have already layed the primer down is rather tricky. But I like it as it works for me. I always clean/degrease, sand and pre-heat most of my metal parts... then apply heat shortly after the paint/primer is down. Jeff
  5. I never noticed the metal primer from Tamiya missing or not being available. Are we talking about ITEM #87061 which is for metal only and is clear OR their other metal and plastic primer that is white? I only use the 87061 and it would be a shame if it's been discontinued. Some auto parts stores carry metal primer and especially for those aluminum parts that needs an etcher formula. Jeff
  6. Nice work on the KV so far. I need a new kit soon. Jeff
  7. I would like to see a true British tank. WWII or even post war would be fine. I know size is an issue, so the Matilda or Churchill might be a problem, but a Cromwell/Centaur would be one option, a Comet or then maybe a Centurion or Chieftain. Then the Chally ... the Challenger tank would be awesome. I live in the USA and you would think I would vote for the Abrams but I do believe the Chally or Chally II is much better looking. ~ Jeff
  8. Very disciplined applying those dots! Nice work! ~ Jeff
  9. I would just knock the shine off with some wet 600 or 800 grit WITH water, then re-coat with the paint of your choice. ~ Jeff
  10. Isn't it so rewarding to "make it" yourself? I mean, I buy it if I can but if I only need one piece out of a whole sprue of PE it usually gets made. I've been following this quite closely and it's impressing me! Keep up the good work! ~ Jeff
  11. Is the Aeromax tractor a longer wheelbase or is that just an optical thing. It just looks bigger on the box than the others. ~ Jeff
  12. Oh good, they'll fit. Don't think I need to worry too much about the beginner issue, so I do qualify but thanks for the warning. Now ... when to let go of the funds? Probably this Spring and I'm only going for one truck and it will be an armor hauler/transporter. ~ Jeff
  13. Oh, I think I'm in love with the long-nosed Scanina!! Are those in the correct scale for the Tamiya kits? ~ Jeff
  14. I don't know off hand what the kit number is but I have heard a lot of tankers voicing their displeasure on that kit, not having the correct hull or not having very many correct parts. I just wanted to build a M4A1E8 (not either of the Israeli tanks) from the 50's because Camp Atterbury here has 2 of them among the other tanks and AFV's sitting on display. ~ Jeff
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