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  1. Yes i believe Steve was at the age of 52, I seem to Remember him telling me this Recently, If my Memory Is Correct...I Should be seeing his wife (Wendy) Very soon I hope to pass on the Very Best of Well Wishes Incuding My Deepest Sympathy's...In Person!
  2. Hi, Well how many times do you hear the word "Veteran", when the topic is of a real Car say' just an example but thought it was a valid one. Besides it's often the case and not just with Tamiya or Kyosho, when we're so often comparing a 1/10th or 1/12th etc to a 1:1 Vintage works for me..
  3. [1]Superchamp [2]Sand Scorcher [3]Sand Rover [4]Kyosho beetle [5]Fast Attack [6]Kyosho Scorpion [7]Rough Rider ...Well these are the one's I'd most like to own!
  4. Hi...Well for the moment i'm pretty much happy, with how the Group has got up and running. I vey much admire the 959 but feel, it's more than capable of it's own S.I.G at some point!
  5. Hi to ALL! I,ve just started a group dedicated to the Classic Celica GrB. It Would be "GREAT!" to see New Members there, who like myself have long been or mayby recently become Fans of this Superb 1/12th scale Rally Car. A Warm welcome will go to all those who apply, and I personally look forward to hearing from applicants, who have Idea's to help keep this Special Interest Group up to date! ' (SibeSeven)
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