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  1. RCActionPics

    Brake Cleaner As Paint Remover

    Had the same thing happen with Brake Cleaner ... Advance Auto Parts brand All I wanted is to clean the bodie ... now I know WD40 works best
  2. RCActionPics

    Samurai Parts

    Im looking for any Marui Samurai parts ... I really need : 101 103 112 115 120 122 124 & 128 But will buy any samurai parts ... new or used :wink:
  3. RCActionPics

    Chassis Identity Help

    Thanks, noted and posted
  4. RCActionPics

    Chassis Identity Help

    Yep, i bougt a lot for a Marui Samurai, this was in it, im not to big on Tamiya ... I only have : TA01, TL01, TT01, F350, TLT1 & CC01 I just have to many projects and not enough time So im leting this one go ... Vintage dirt included
  5. RCActionPics

    Chassis Identity Help

    Ok Thanks Owner said its a WildWilly but the wheelbase dident look right
  6. RCActionPics

    Chassis Identity Help

    Hey guys, got this in a lot, what is it ??
  7. RCActionPics

    Ninja & Samurai Motor Limit

    Raced the Ninja in the late 80's , it had diff problems with 27t Roar stock motors