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  1. Hello Simon! All good thanks mate, hope you are well too. Been out of the RC game for a while due to a change of where I stored all my RC gear. Sadly my nan passed away and its all packed away in a 40 foot container, been there for a few years now, only recently I've had some time to tidy it up enough to find where I put it all! I'm hoping to sort it out further and get back into the hobby as I really miss tinkering around with it all. Been mainly into LEGO for the last few years, but running out of room for that now too! I love the ghetto mods, especially as some of these parts are now ridiculously expensive! Luckily I managed to get a few Fox parts and it's not sporting some of those 'mods' anymore!
  2. Some of my 'questionable' repairs! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=92894&id=24472
  3. First post for ages! In my showroom is my QD Thundershot with an EZRUN brushless motor installed, this thing flies! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=102637&id=24472 Hope this may help someone!
  4. I bought the Chewbacca build-a-figure, he's great! My favourite theme at the moment is the Speed Champions, I've grabbed all of it bar the current McLaren set thats £85, so I'm waiting for the price to fall a little or if Tesco do a sale again.
  5. The Xingbao stuff is not bootleg, the designers of the sets have been paid for their work and designs.
  6. I bought the speeder bike too! I'm waiting until the weekend to build it though as no doubt, my son will want to help! I bought a job lot of Architecture sets recently for a bargain price! Guggenheim, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Sydney, New York, Berlin. I've built a couple of them now but have nowhere to show them off. My son bought me the Strom Trooper/Sand Trooper build-a-figure for Father's Day, that's built but I need to re-arrange the shelf to fit him in. I also have the Speeder Bike to build, again, nowhere to put it so its sitting waiting to be built. I know everyone harps-on about boot-leg stuff, but I bought the Xingbao Kaneda bike from Akira off Aliexpress for £36. Technically its not a bootleg, as the designers sold their design to them and its not a set Lego offer. However, there are issues with it. The clutch of the bricks is hopeless, you touch it and it falls apart. Parts of it are so weak its ridiculous, it needs some patience to build. Its is a thing of beauty when its finished though. Though I've heard its not exclusive to this set, they also do a Vespa and that's similar, but their Supercar range is apparently on Lego-levels of bricks. I've bought another Chirrut Imwe for my brother to customise into a Kaneda figure to sit on it.
  7. Mad Ax today in the Mabutchi Motors thread - ''I find it quite interesting that the motor which brings me joy and powers my favourite toys also brings my wife joy and powers her favourite toys as well'' Which 'toys' are we referring to?
  8. A lot of the cars I see here at work use them, be it for raising or lowering a screen on the dash, powering a pump inside a gearbox, mirror motors and the like.
  9. I forgot that one! I bought the 1960's Batcave from Smyths Toys reduced from £240 to £160, too good to miss. Whether I ever build it (due to a lack of space not future value!) is another matter altogether!
  10. Been a bit Lego crazy lately, always have a look in the shops whenever I go out now! I now have all of the Star Wars Build-a-figures, I bought my son the AT-ST from Sainsburys as it was reduced from £45 to £30. Ma and Pa bought me the RC Tracked Technic set for my birthday, my brother got the Speed Champions GT40 set, my son bought me the Build-a-figures death Trooper, and with my birthday money from my Grandparents I bought the Speed Champions FXXK set. I also 'treated' myself to the Technic BMW R1200 motorbike, a small AT-ST, plus on a Facebook group I got the Racers Enzo and two more sets coming, the Speed Champions Porsche Finish line set and the Ferrari Truck! So much Lego!
  11. More LEGO this weekend! Build a figures Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus added, plus my bargain of the weekend! The 1960's Batcave! Instead of the hefty £240, I managed to bag it for £160 in Smyths Toys. I wasn't going to get it, but my son is a bad influence on me! I also bought him the Star Wars Skiff set and a new Boba Fett keyring as his had lost both legs, one arm, a hand on the remaining arm and all of the markings on his chest and head! Oh and in Smyths they have started to sell LEGO 'compatible' sets made in Korea by a company called Oxford. They do quite a few sets, but I picked up a small version of the Titanic. Its not LEGO quality but its not really bad, especially for £9.99! They also had a larger version for £50 along with an Eiffel Tower and a few other sets.
  12. I built two more Star Wars build-a-figures last night, Luke Skywalker in his black garb and Jyn Erso, running out of room though!
  13. More Lego this weekend, oh this is turning into another expensive hobby! Lego Architecture 'London Skyline' from the Lego shop at Leicester Square, I felt compelled to buy something after waiting 15 minutes to get in! It was like waiting to go on a ride at Chessington! Madness! I also bought my son and brother a Lego Batman mini-fig each, they both got the Red Hood, and then got a freebie with 2 other Batman figures! Bonus! I also bought the Speed Champions set with the F-150 Raptor and Hot-Rod and I found the Corvette Racing set for a good price on eBay, so a lot of building to do and space to find! I also forgot that I bought the Speed Champions Ferrari F1 car too... I also reclaimed a box of Lego I gave to my son many years ago, all the stuff I had as a kid, so time to get creative again!
  14. I found some of the new Speed Champions in Toy Barnhaus yesterday, so I bought the Bugatti Chiron and Merc SLS AMG, built both last night, love them! Also saw the Ford GT40 set so that's next I think...
  15. I'm not promoting, endorsing or even agreeing with the whole counterfeit thing in any way, I have no reason to not buy Lego, I love Lego, its a fantastic product and well engineered with a lot of thought put in to it. I simply bought the Yile Mini to see what it was like and its very good. The fact that it came all the way from China, shipped for £30 when the Lego version is £75 is why a lot of people would buy the fake version. Seeing as the Lego Group is now listed as the most powerful brand in the world at the moment, the fake stuff doesn't seem to be harming them in any way. The fake stuff is not something I would buy on a regular basis anyway, you generally get what you pay for in this world, and I have no complaints about the quality of Lego at all.
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