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  1. For someone who isn't a 'modeller', I think you can safely say that you are! This is incredible!
  2. Thanks guys, I'll give that a go! The really annoying thing is I'm sure I've got some in my spares pile somewhere, I just don't know whereabouts in my storage container they are!
  3. This isn't my one (SRBSVEN was selling this a while ago, I just googled it for the image!), but I have one of these in my collection too, still need to try it out though....
  4. Does anybody have a spare set of driveshafts and the outer gearbox cups for a TL-01B? Thank you Martin
  5. I also have this Porsche 936, not a Tamiya one though. There's one on eBay at the moment for a stupid £350!! I bought this for £10 at a bootsale!
  6. Marui Landcruiser? Painted to look a bit like the Transformer Hound....
  7. No idea if its considered rare or not, but I found this Joustra Land Cruiser at a boot sale a few years back, shame about the crack in the roof, but I think it's repairable
  8. Best Bits: The people I've met along the way, those I've bought and traded with Building a new kit Restoring something to how I'd like it Modifying something to make it fit/work Bad Bits All my R/C stuff being packed away in a lock up that needs tidying! Kids who see you running a car in the street taking the mickey out of a grown man playing with a 'toy' Breaking something that's hard to find or just plain expensive Having nowhere to do the hobby at the moment (I plan on changing that though!) Plenty more good and bad bits, but those are the ones that come to me whilst I eat my lunch at work!
  9. Hello Simon! All good thanks mate, hope you are well too. Been out of the RC game for a while due to a change of where I stored all my RC gear. Sadly my nan passed away and its all packed away in a 40 foot container, been there for a few years now, only recently I've had some time to tidy it up enough to find where I put it all! I'm hoping to sort it out further and get back into the hobby as I really miss tinkering around with it all. Been mainly into LEGO for the last few years, but running out of room for that now too! I love the ghetto mods, especially as some of these parts are now ridiculously expensive! Luckily I managed to get a few Fox parts and it's not sporting some of those 'mods' anymore!
  10. Some of my 'questionable' repairs! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=92894&id=24472
  11. First post for ages! In my showroom is my QD Thundershot with an EZRUN brushless motor installed, this thing flies! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=102637&id=24472 Hope this may help someone!
  12. I bought the Chewbacca build-a-figure, he's great! My favourite theme at the moment is the Speed Champions, I've grabbed all of it bar the current McLaren set thats £85, so I'm waiting for the price to fall a little or if Tesco do a sale again.
  13. The Xingbao stuff is not bootleg, the designers of the sets have been paid for their work and designs.
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