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  1. I'd hazard a guess that the box is a home-made pit box, the electrical bit at the bottom is a battery charger.
  2. This is a real labour of love and it shows. All being beautifully restored back to their full glory. Top marks sir!
  3. Friday already! Where does the time go? Well today, I'm at work until 5.30 ish, home, then out food shopping with mother. Get back, get a few mouthfuls of pizza, then out walking my friends Labrador round the block. Saturday - Work (AGAIN!) until 1pm, home, pick my brother up, then dash off to pick my son up from work. Round to his nan's so my brother can help arrange my son's collection of Star Wars Black Series figures. He has quite a few! I'm hoping I get time whilst at work to give my car a good clean, I've put it off for a few weeks as I broke my foot and had a walker boot on, but it's slowly getting better and I don't need the boot anymore. Needs a wash and a good hoover, and I must clean my driver's seat as its disgusting! Sunday - Nothing planned yet, it's hard to find places to go that aren't miles away that we haven't been to before. I may get some time to build a Lego set I bought at the toy fair last weekend. I also found a box static 1:12th Tamiya Porsche 934 RSR that had never been built. I found a built-up one the last time I went to the fair, and I'm planning on using one of them to restore a 58001 RC chassis that was given to me. I've no idea when I'll get round to doing this, but I will do it! @Wooders28 - wishing you a speedy recovery! @87lc2 - sorry to hear about your car, new one looks lovely though! Enjoy!
  4. Almost the weekend already! Friday - Work until 5.30, home then out to ASDA to do the shopping with mother. Pizza when I get home, followed by a brisk walk with my friends Labrador round the block. Saturday - TOY FAIR! Sandown Park, starts at 10.30, hoping to find some gems that aren't too expensive! May go into Kingston afterwards, not sure yet though! Sunday - Nothing really planned at the moment Monday - Free day off! I'm sorry to say that I have little to no interest in the Funeral of Her Majesty, so I'm planning on going down my container and having a tidy-up. Got some more stuff to take down there anyway, so it's a good time to get it done! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  5. Well it's Friyay again! I'm working today, though it's my dad's birthday today (happy birthday dad! Though he'll never read this as he doesn't even know this forum exists!) Food shopping later and pizza for dinner, then out dog walking with my best friend. Saturday - weekend off! Nothing planned other than picking my son up from work at 3, so I may get round to giving my dad's stand-in car a good machine polish, or I may go down my container for a few hours and do some sorting out. Take-away for dinner (nice healthy weekend!) Sunday - I may suggest we all go out for a nice meal for dad's birthday. Mum can't walk that far at the moment, she spent 3 weeks in hospital with gall bladder problems (7 hour op to remove it, along with 23 (yes 23!) litres of fluid removed from inside her!) She barely ate any solid food, so she needs to build her leg muscles up a bit. Dad starts his radio therapy for his Prostate cancer soon, so that's all good! Just going wait and see what pans out.....
  6. All my stuff is in a 40ft metal shipping container, I wonder how hot it gets in there in this current weather?
  7. 2022 update: my container is still a mess! I did manage to find a static 934 shell that I want to fit onto the 58001 chassis I was given, when that will happen, well who knows! I'm currently building a 1/43rd scale Series 2 Escort RS Turbo model for a mate of mine. He recently bought a 1:1 that he is restoring on his youtube channel (his channel is called Modern Classics). He doesn't know I'm doing this, so I'm hoping he likes the surprise! They are surprisingly hard to find models of unless you get the 1/18th Otto model, which is £200+ these days. I found this one on eBay for £11, it's a die cast version and quite nicely detailed. I just hope my (lack!) of modelling and painting skills do it some justice. I'll post some pictures up when it's finally done...... I also bought a Mini-Lunchbox from Grumpy pants (good to see you again Simon!), still haven't run it yet..... I am literally fed-up with having nowhere to do what I want to do, so will try and push getting the container tidier, if only so I have a small man-cave and all the things I love around me again! I have restacked a lot of the blue boxes that we labelled up near the front, but I need to restack them into some sort of order, so I can just go to one stack and get what I want, and not have to search through numerous boxes. I also want to take out one whole side of the stuff we have piled up and put some decent racking, so all the loose boxes, boom boxes and other crap I collect can all be put in sight and stored safely. I've had a few near misses of things almost knocking me out! It would be nice to be able to walk right up the whole length of the container without tripping over something, so that's a high priority for me. The real shame is that the container is on a farm, so ideal ground to run some of my rc cars. It's a mix of gravel, concrete and some asphalt, so ideal for most rc cars really. One-day (sigh).........
  8. I tend to buy shells of 1:1 cars that I like, so Audi Quattro, Lancia Delta and so on. However, that doesn't always follow, as I have a lot of shells that I know I'll never use but have for some reason. Now if Tamiya only made an RC VW Lupo GTI, they'd definitely have at least one sale....!!
  9. Only other picture I have of this car which shows gold centres on the wheels:
  10. One I've shied away from, and probably will for some time is the re-re Mk1 Golf. TBH, I haven't got a clue where to start with it, the Kamei livery looks a total PITA to do! Sticker wise, the Lancia Delta Integrale was a pain to do, as was the 306 Maxi, lots of stickers, and if, like me, you don't put them on in number-order, then you realise your mistake when they don't line up correctly......IDIOT!
  11. Friday - Work, work, work! Finish at 5.30, lock this sh**hole up and off home. Order my pizza for dinner, take mother food shopping, walk my friend's dogs with her, bit of PS5 then bed. Saturday - Up early, walk dogs with my friend again, then we're going out for brekkie. Back home, probably get collared by my next door neighbour to fit the DAB upgrade he's bought for his Tesla-style radio. Nothing much planned after that except pick my son up from work and home for fish & chips! Sunday - Taking my dad to pick up his 'run-around' car, a 2003 Lupo 1.4 16v. I'm really happy about this as I'm bit of a VW Lupo nut! No idea how long we're going to keep it, but the 'plan' is to use it to keep the miles down on our newer cars. Hopefully my dad's new car arrives around August (not bad considering we ordered it last October!) Then no doubt I'll be picking my son up again and off out somewhere, though both of us have agreed not to spend any money this weekend as we're off to a toy fair next weekend at Sandown Park Race Course. He's collecting a lot of the Star Wars Black Series figures at the moment, I'm grabbing a lot of Hot Wheels, and both of us are big in to LEGO as well, so hoping to find some gems next week (wages left permitting!) It's supposed to be quite warm in my part of the country this weekend too, so whatever you're all doing, I hope you have a great one!
  12. Quattro shell arrived in perfect condition, thank you!
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