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  1. I've always been into cars for as long as I can remember. At home, I always had Matchbox cars out on a playmat, lorries, construction vehicles and so on. I used to collect 1:24 and 1:18 model cars, have a few Bburago-sized models in storage now that were on a shelf when I was a kid. Most computer games I played were car based games like Test Drive, Lotus Turbo Challenge and Chase HQ. Now have a huge collection of Hotwheels cars amongst others, loads of games consoles, and seeing the Big Foot @Wooders28 posted pics of above brings back good memories of my own one and my brothers Black Gold one he had as a kid! Tamiya RC cars were a no brainer for me, ever since seeing the promo videos in Beatties. I have a very mechanical mindset, I love knowing how things work, I like to tinker and modify, so a Tamiya RC car lets me do all of those things. I have mostly on-road cars and a few buggies, a couple of tanks (Heng Long ones), a few toy-grade helicopters that I've managed to get going a couple of times, but never ran a boat or anything like that. Now I'm a massive VW fan, work for a main dealer as a parts advisor, and currently have 2 VW's, a 2003 Lupo GTI and a 2019 Up! GTI, but I part-own another Lupo with my dad, and drive his 2023 Audi A3 quite a lot too. I am literally surrounded by VW's and Audi's and in my element!
  2. I found this Nikko Dictator 7 whilst on holiday. I found it in a collectables shop in Torquay, and I paid £45 for it! I've never seen another one, not that I've looked all that hard tbh! I know they did other models of the Dictator line, this one is semi-hobby grade and looks like it can be upgraded. It has an exploded parts diagram sheet with it. This one is a twin-motor version and in really good condition:
  3. Friday - long day at work, it stocktake! YAY! So that's my day and evening at work! OH WHAT JOY! Saturday - In to work for an hour or so (hopefully) to do the 'variants', which is basically where they don't believe what we have counted, so we check it's been counted correctly. I'm hoping my son can switch his shift so we can go out somewhere once he's finished work, but I don't know yet. Sunday - Toy Fair at Kempton Race Course, never been to this one before, but hopefully lots of Hotwheel's and other goodies! Hope y'all have a great weekend whatever you're doing!
  4. Friday - Usual slog of work, home for a pizza, then walking 2 dogs with my friend. Work has been a total pain of late, we have a VW Audit on Monday so everything has to be as close to perfect as possible. We'll probably still fail though! Saturday - Work early am until 1pm. Drive down to pick up my son and drop some stuff I've accumulated from work at the container, then no idea whet we're doing. Maybe go Hotwheels shopping somewhere! Sunday - Brands Hatch for the Go Japan! festival. Drifting, time attack, Honda Cup, JDM cars! Even for a total VW nut like me, this is going to be heaven! What's not to like about JDM cars with silly BHP! Hope y'all have a great weekend!
  5. Friday - Work at the moment, home, pizza for dinner with my son, walk my friend's dogs, then bed, as I have an early start! Saturday - Heading to Bicester to Radwood, an 80's and 90's car show with Hotwheels Unleashed UK tour there, so hoping to see some cool cars, and probably spend too much money! Sunday - Brands Hatch to the Porsche Festival, watch some racing, dream about owning a Porsche one-day, then home for a roast! Yum! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you're doing!
  6. OMG! At a total loss for words. I don't post on here very much these days, but you've been an inspiration to all of us on here. We've never met and not interacted that much really, but I feel like we all know you so well. Much love out to you and your family.
  7. I'm not a 'vinyl pusher' but do appreciate vintage audio gear. I was recently given a lovely Pioneer PL-514 turn table, so if I ever get to set it up correctly, it may get me into vinyl! Sony Walkman's are my weakness, I love them! I have 100+of those, mostly Sony, but some Aiwa, Toshiba, Panasonic and 'clonemen' walkmans, along with around 40+ Cd Walkmans and a few Minidisc players too. I also collect Boomboxes, think I'm up to around 40ish of those, and I also collect some vintage HI-FI equipment, so have a quite a bit of that too. I used to buy loads of cd singles in my college days, around 600+ at a rough guess somewhere.
  8. Don't get me started on the money pit that is Hotwheels! I have 7 64-84 litre Really useful boxes full of Hotwheels. My son is part of the Mattel creations website, so gets me all of the Redline Club and Elite 64 cars. I've got quite a few Matchbox too, it's surprising how hard some are to find and how much they go for.
  9. I love that Saab, similar to the Robbe UR Quattro in some ways.
  10. If, like me, you are a hoarder, you buy things with the intent to move it on, but end up keeping it 'just in case'. I have told myself over and over that I need to thin out a lot of the things I collect, but always seem to end up buying more and run out of room to put it, or never find the time to fix/enjoy/mess about with said item. I need to retrain my brain to learn how to let go of things, I don't need to own more than one of everything!
  11. Has anyone seen this yet? Tamiya Wild One returns as road-legal electric buggy | Autocar
  12. You get the same thing on LEGO forums, people sounding off about non-LEGO stuff. I have some fake LEGO, it's not as good as the real thing for sure, but it's fit for purpose. I'd buy one of these Bruisers if I had the money to spend on it, it's far more attainable than the real thing and unless you looked real close, who would ever know?
  13. I am a hoarder. I haven't run an RC car for a long time due to where all my collection is stored. But I love the mechanical side of the hobby, the tinkering, making bits to modify something, thinking outside the box. Now I'm not saying I'm any good at what I do, but I give it a shot, learn along the way, and most of all, enjoy what I'm doing. I used to run some of my cars, but had my 'go-to' ones I used the most, some probably haven't ever been used in my ownership! RC isn't my only hobby, I also have tons of LEGO, games consoles, old hi-fi gear, walkmans, boomboxes, hotwheels, GUNPLA amongst other stuff! So long as you enjoy what you're doing, spend too much(!), then it doesn't really matter what type of hobbyist you are....
  14. Nice long weekend coming up! Only today and tomorrow in work, then 2 weeks off! Friday - hoping to go to a car show in Aldershot called Wheels Day. Right mix of cars, everything from military, yanks, hot-rods, Japanese and everything in between. Looking forward to that! Saturday - Nothing really planned other than a hair cut and probably a trip to Croydon to look round the 'shops'. Probably buy more Hotwheels (like I need any more!) or some Gunpla (another rabbit hole I've dived into!) Sunday - Easter Sunday, so probably not much. Monday - Holiday! Heading to Dawlish with the family for a week. We missed our holiday last year as my mum was rushed into hospital with a ruptured gall bladder, but she's all good now! Really hoping the weather holds out for the week. We're back the following Monday, so I've booked that week off too. Going to see Paramore and Bloc Party at the O2 with my son on the Thursday, so that's gonna be EPIC!!! Hope you all have a great Easter!
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