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  1. Here's my Flying Fox Soaring thru the air badly It didn't end well
  2. These are fun fun FUN! Get one, you won't regret it!
  3. For me, I want to get back into RC again, having been away from it for around 5 years due to a change in circumstances. I still have my collection, I've added a few to it over the last month or so as well. I need to sort out my storage container so I can reinstate a 'man cave' and have somewhere to do all the things I used to do when I had my old man cave. I have a few restorations to do now, thanks to a good friend giving them to me for nowt! Not everyday you get gifted a 58001 Porsche (needs a lot of love and parts!), a 58018 Ralt RT2 Hart 420R (also needs attention, but mostly there!) and a 58043 Grasshopper! I also have the Audi V8 to build as well, along with a Honda City Turbo I bought from Simon (Grumpy pants) many years ago with some added goodies! So along with a lot of building, I have a lot of sorting to do too, so guess I'll be busy this year!
  4. My Super Clodbuster. So much fun, so many mods that can be done. If you watch any Monster Jam videos, you will see that it behaves like a proper monster truck. The car that started it all for me when I was 16, a TA-01 Lancia Delta Integrale. I smashed the shell, bought another shell and restored it. I'll never part with it.
  5. And Time Tunnel Models are doing the Audi V8 without the ESC and radio gear for £105! I've got to wait until Christmas for mine, but finally have a kit to look forward to building after a few years away from the hobby. Just need to find all my RC gear that's in storage!
  6. Was going to say, it hadn't back when I posted that back in 2008!
  7. For someone who isn't a 'modeller', I think you can safely say that you are! This is incredible!
  8. Thanks guys, I'll give that a go! The really annoying thing is I'm sure I've got some in my spares pile somewhere, I just don't know whereabouts in my storage container they are!
  9. This isn't my one (SRBSVEN was selling this a while ago, I just googled it for the image!), but I have one of these in my collection too, still need to try it out though....
  10. Does anybody have a spare set of driveshafts and the outer gearbox cups for a TL-01B? Thank you Martin
  11. I also have this Porsche 936, not a Tamiya one though. There's one on eBay at the moment for a stupid £350!! I bought this for £10 at a bootsale!
  12. Marui Landcruiser? Painted to look a bit like the Transformer Hound....
  13. No idea if its considered rare or not, but I found this Joustra Land Cruiser at a boot sale a few years back, shame about the crack in the roof, but I think it's repairable
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