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  1. RIP Shodog, didn't know you personally, but I'm sure along the way you have helped me out with a post or two on here sometime. My condolences to his family and friends
  2. TBH it was thanks to this site that I eventually got round to raising them off the shelves, I had a lot of tyres that split and used to wonder why. Maybe these people are just lucky or have the right conditions in their hobby rooms, or they are OCD about rotating the tyres on a regular basis? For the small outlay of plastic boxes/lids etc... to the cost of replacement tyres (especially on a Clod!), it's a no-brainer!
  3. When I had mine out on display, I used to put them on food storage boxes, the kind you get with a take-away Chinese. I think I bought them in Wilkinsons or somewhere like that, about £3 for 3. The other bonus is you can use the boxes to store spares!
  4. That looks like a Playskool Blackfoot, my brother had one when we were kids. I had the Bigfoot, still have them now! I think I put some pictures in my showroom on the main page! Very cool! I never thought to do this!
  5. ERM..... and that's not all of them either, despite what the photo says! You can never have too much of a good thing!
  6. Mine was 58117 Lancia Delta Integrale. The local model shop had a savings scheme where you could reserve a kit and pay weekly/monthly until it was all paid for. Took me about a year on my meagre wages back then, took my time building it up, wrecked the shell, bought a couple of Escort Cossie shells to replace it. I managed to strip the main drive gear, so it sat neglected for many years, then on a shopping trip to London, I found a spare part in Harrods of all places, so I bought it and got it running again. This spurred me on and now it's restored with the proper shell back on in all her glory! I kept the box, even have all the trimmed-off bits from the shell and the empty spray cans I used to paint it (WHY!?) I do need to get a new interior for it though, and maybe put the original wheels back on one-day....It even lead me to my Tamiya obsession, as a few months after getting it running again, a friend was selling a Fox cheap, so I bought it, and then one thing lead to another, and another........lol!
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