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  1. Hi all 😃 Thanks for all your comments and tips so far. I have fitted the dash, minus the lower centre consul, but not managed to fit the seats yet. I have turned the mfc through 90 degrees and lowered the brace it sits on over the motor, so the light connection end is facing the front of the cab, this allows for the cab to be lifted and lowered without it catching on the dash. I have an idea of fitting the seats to a false floor which will be attached to the cab floor somehow, not sure how yet, but I know someone mentioned something like this, and it does seem like it will work, but might have to trim the bottom off the seats for clearance of parts of the mfc. Will keep you informed of my progress😃 Cheers Paul
  2. @Tamiyabigstuff @Tamiya Fan 1 thanks for both your replies😃 Some interesting ideas, I can see I’m gonna have my work cut out for me on this one. I will definitely let you know how I get on and what I have to do to make this fit. Cheers Paul
  3. Hi all I have just bought my second big rig, the Mercedes Arocs 3348 Tipper Has anyone managed to fit the mfc and the interior into the cab? If so, can you please let me know where you located the mfc so the cab would close down without the interior fouling on it? I have the actuator and some extra cab roof lights to fit to the mfc, but want to hide it away so that maybe I can light the interior and fit some extra goodies into the cab to be seen when the interior cab lights are on. The only place I can think is the back wall of the cab interior, with some plastic and in front of to hide it but not sure it will fit in the gap behind the seats. Any ideas or pictures of anything you have done to get over this would be much appreciated 😃 Thanks in advance Paul
  4. @KEV THE REV Ya gotta love a good collection of rear ends Thanks for your comments I wasn’t sure if the sway bar on the MB would fit over these brackets, but it does….just! Have put some thread lock on the bolts to make sure the bracket stays tight. These really are well made and fit perfectly, have driven the Frog and Brat in anger with the brackets fitted, and all is good Cheers Paul
  5. Hi all Ordered 5 sets of these from Pete. They arrived super quick, and Pete kept me informed as to how many sets he had made and when he posted them. They are a great fix and simple to fit, I’m really pleased I have this fitted on my ORV chassis cars, I can now run them without the dreaded clicking noise coming from the gearbox. Here are some pics of the brackets fitted to my various ORV cars, and note the space for the rear number on the Monster Beetle and Blackfoot ( although I left the bumpers off so you can see the brackets and how the bumper would still fit ) Thanks Pete, I’m very pleased with the results Cheers Paul
  6. @Re-Bugged Thanks again fella, that works a treat 👍🏼 @topforcein Thanks for that link buddy, I will have a look through those videos and see what I can learn from them😃 cheers Paul
  7. @Re-Bugged Excellent 😃 thanks for that buddy will try that later Thanks very much Cheers Paul
  8. @Nick G Yes I do miss Maplins 🙁 I have looked on eBay and managed to find a company that sells a 50 pack , just gotta work out the spacing to see how many hundreds I will need 😂😂 Thanks for the tip Cheers Paul
  9. @Re-Bugged Thanks for that advice buddy 👍🏼 Yes I have watched that video, it does seem fairly straightforward. I have a stick type transmitter, a Spektrum DX6i, so will have to do as you suggested for gear changes. What did you search for to find the GT app? I don’t have the box or instructions to scan a QR code or anything like that 😕. Just hope I can know get my transmitter to control everything the way the mfu is already set up 🤞🏼 Thanks for the tips buddy 👍🏼 Cheers Paul
  10. @ACCEL thanks for looking buddy 👍🏼 I guess it will have to be trial and error setting up my transmitter with the GT Power mfu. cheers Paul
  11. Hi all 😃 Having just started my journey into truck ownership, I’m trying to get my head around how to set up my transmitter, a Spektrum DX6i, and which channels to do what functions on the truck (Knight Hauler) Im guessing the throttle on the transmitter ( left gimbal)is for forward/ reverse, and the right gimbal is steering, that much I get🤪 But which channel do I use for changing gear and to hook/ unhook the trailer, as on my transmitter I have ailerons and flaps controls and I also want to have a separate control to turn extra lights on and off that I will be adding to the trailer. Sorry if this sounds very basic to most of you, but I have never used this kind of transmitter before🙂 The truck is running a GT Power mfu if that makes any difference? ( I have heard they are not as good as the tamiya mfu, but it’s what came fitted to the truck) Any help and advice is much appreciated Cheers Paul👍🏼
  12. Thanks for the reply’s 😃 Nick, I was fearing I might have to do what you suggested, as I can’t find anything else that would give the same effect without looking *******🤭 Topforcein, thanks for the video link, it’s one I have seen before, already have my spektrum receiver to add into the trailer so that I can have the lights on without having to attach a cable to the mfu 👍🏼 Don’t suppose you guys know anywhere I can buy a bulk load of led’s do you? 😂 Want white ones, about 3mm I guess already prewired would save on the soldering😂 Thanks for the advice chaps 👍🏼 Cheers Paul
  13. Hi all I have taken the plunge into truck ownership😃 I have a knight hauler and a semi box trailer, which I want to convert into a Coca Cola truck. Already have decals for the trailer, and almost ready to repaint the cab. My question to you good people is what kind of lighting should I use on the trailer around the sides? Do I need to buy about a hundred small led’s and drill individual holes for all of them? I have seen self adhesive strip led lights in various lengths, but they are on a white backing, and I want to be able to see the paintwork through the strip lights, if I use that method. I’m a bit stuck as to what to use 😕 please help!! Cheers👍🏼 Paul
  14. Would love to see a Falcon re release, always wanted one back in the day, after my frog had died a death. Would also like to see the Mud Blaster, Toyota Celica Gr. B, and the Sonic Fighter, all cars I had back then, just my personal wish list. Please Mr Tamiya
  15. Tamiyafier Thanks very much for this buddy Will get some of these ordered Cheers, Paul.
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