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  1. That's the stuff. Your bodies will likely be polystyrene. It's a misnomer that everyone refers to hardbodies as ABS. Look on the inside of the body, there will be a stamp that says PS (I think it's on the underside of the bed on the Pumpkin). That denotes material. ABS = ABS. PS = Polystyrene. PC = Polycarbonate.
  2. I think these three ^^^ have it nailed. I built a CC01 Toureg when it came out, and it was just kinda... akward. It looked cool, but seemed a bit too quick for itself. Eventually I dropped the silver can for a 35t motor, upgraded the steering, locked the rear diff and tried again. At slower speeds it was GREAT. The 35t meant you could still zip around pretty well, but it has WAY better slow speed control and torque. Eventually I added stickier tires and waterproofed the electronics and it quickly became one of my favorite RC's.
  3. Tamiya paint remover and Tamiya Triangle Cotton Swabs will do a great job if your hand is steady enough for it. They have a fine point and are very firm..... combined with the effectiveness of the tamiya paint remover, it's quite effective. But expensive...
  4. Electronics are mounted now. Slightly unorthodox ESC location, but sometimes ya gotta go where the wires force you to go.
  5. Best way to make a newly painted body look terrible? Cover it in liquid mask! 4 brushed on coats was my final solution to trying to get this masked. I spent (wasted?) almost 90 minutes trying to figure out how to do it with adhesive vinyl masking and Tamiya masking tape before throwing my hands up and going this route. Probably doesn't make sense right now, but at some point it might...
  6. Nitro is the worst, IMO... finicky, fussy, and too high pitched. My last couple 1/5 buggies were gasoline, and that was actually really nice. Easy to start, reliable, and good 'n loud. I ran white gas to keep the smell down. The problem was the noise though... as much as I loved it, I found myself sometimes having to drive 1-2 hours to find a place to run them without getting complaints/security/police/etc. So this one is going electric, so I can run it closer to home.
  7. I think it's fine. Not great, but not terrible. As mentioned before, it will be a great way for more people to get to own (or part out/hord/resell/etc...) an Egress. My biggest complaint is with the "Dark Titanium" anodizing on the shocks and such. Whoever picked this has obviously never seen titanium. It looks like bronze anodized titanium to me, but certainly not actual titanium. In other news... Tamiya has the MSRP listed at $578usd (HERE)... so it might not be a bonkers expensive kit considering the Avante Black is listed at $803 (HERE). XV02 is listed at $520usd MSRP and sells for $364usd at Tower Hobbies. So that could put the Egress ~$400-$420usd on shop floors?
  8. Sorry for the delayed reply... It's a MCD XR5-Max Rally car. 1/5 scale. Electric conversion. I'm setting it up to run on 8S. The steering servo is powered directly from an external BEC at 8.4v, while the brake servo is running off the receiver at 6v. Yes.... brake servo. The car will run dual mechanical disc brakes so there is no strain on the ESC under brake load.
  9. Honestly... they run like crap regardless of toe settings. It's part of their charm! I set mine up pretty much at 0 degrees. Definitely better than toe in, without it getting to squirrely. The 4x factor makes simple things turn into big deals quick. I upgraded the body posts on one of my pumpkins, and even that was bad enough! LOL! Definitely better than my daughter snapping OEM posts every couple runs though...
  10. The RC world is similar... except that "refuse to work" is replaced with "start a fire".
  11. Toe-In will help with straight line stability, but decrease turn in. Toe-Out will decrease straight-line stability, but improve turning. Please note: On the Pumpkin, or any CW-01 chassis, the word improve must be taken as "improve". Flipping over and swearing at the destruction of your time spent paining is part of the CW-01 experience as well. It SUCKS... but eventually you will own it, and get slightly better at keeping the rubber side down. Less front camber can be done with zip ties, or even better, rubber tubing on the shock shaft above the chassis. If you want a solution for notably more money, swapping to Tamiya oil shocks (which are shorter) also fixed the problem. Some say the also "improve" the handling. I have done this to one of 2 pumpkins I am currently building, and the stance is notably better. Poorly document details of my build are HERE.
  12. If the Hobbywing setup is too expensive, I'd suggest either looking used, or start saving/selling. Sorry it sounds harsh but..... ^^^ That. Moving up a scale tends to add big amounts of $$$ to what is required to get/keep running. The Hobbywing setup is not even what I would call high end electronics... it's just good value for a basic setup. The 4274 is a monster of a motor. I have one in a mainly custom 1/8 Savage XL based truck, and it will wheelie at partial throttle with a 4S 5400mah 50C LiPo, and threaten to destroy the truck at any throttle input higher than that. You can run 2x 2S packs, if they are exactly the same packs. You cannot mix different packs, packs with different MAH/C-ratings/etc. A Titan 550 will not be NEARLY enough power for a 1/8 truggy. I have an older Faigo 7XL 2370kv motor I could sell you cheap that would work well, but I have no ide where you are or what postage would be (I'm in Canada). You would still need an ESC though... and that again likely takes you back to a Hobbywing Max 8/CC Mamba Monster/etc... The 801 sounds like a RAD truggy... I'd love to have a setup like that. But if it's just a roller, you're gonna be into it a pretty penny to get it setup well.
  13. Mainly I want these: https://mini-4wd.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Mini_4WD_cars_that_modeled_after_RC_cars But not at $100 each... I have the HotShot Jr, but I'd love to find some of the others. One day...
  14. Not Tamiya per say, but managed to get in a bit of RC time and got some more of the wiring/electronics install completed on this monster...
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