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  1. @ad456 Thanks for your input! I'm probably in the same boat as you as I would not drive it too hard too. I'm thinking of doing some custom work on it if I do get one, as it will get me through the rest of the winter. I think the asking price is actually pretty good too and I already have clod axles and links that to use. And yes, so far you're the only one I've found with a built thread on the internet thus far so please keep going. Its looking beautiful!
  2. @ad456 This is looking great. How is the quality of the chassis itself? From the pictures it actually looks amazing for a "mass produced" tube chassis. I'm very tempted in getting one of these!
  3. I imagine the first batch must have been limited to a few. If you live chat TH, and lucky enough to get someone kind enough, you could ask how many they received. I've asked in the past(Porsche 934 45th Anniv. kit) and the rep. was nice enough to disclose that information. Hope you get yours sooner than later
  4. Looks like it was on 5/17 at around 11:55AM PST. If you placed yours later, then perhaps you'll receive it with the next batch in July?
  5. For the Tower Hobbies folks - Just received mine and it does include the initial bonus pack. I checked the product page a day or so ago and it did state, "next shipment June 2022" which I did not believe, but here it is. The product page has been updated and now states July 2022. I hope everyone receives their kits soon.
  6. Well, TH does not charge your CC until your item(s) are dispatched so they are not really "blindly taking money". Their pre-orders/backorder policies can be found in the link below(scroll towards the bottom). Basically first come, first serve so if you don't make the cut, then you never get charged. https://www.towerhobbies.com/why-shop-tower.html Amain on the other hand does charge in full at the time of order, which is why I usually wait for TH to have their listings up. I can't speak to LHS here since they are going the way of the dodo. Ultimately, I'm grateful that we all have the opportunity to acquire these amazing kits again and I don't have to nag my parents this time around...just the wife
  7. Fantastic and no problem...we're all in this together
  8. For the TowerHobbies folks, it is now listed and available for preorder(no shipment date). Make sure you don't forget the coupon code. Price is pretty good after the coupon and super saver club rewards if you have any. If you had $10+, you can use the $80 coupon code. https://www.towerhobbies.com/product/110-optima-mid-vintage-4wd-racing-buggy-kit/KYO30622.html Now to sit back and wait for it...
  9. Ha that may be true but any win is a big win for us now I'll take it since it has been ghost city from Kyosho America!
  10. I have very similar sentiments as you all, but the good news is the Optima Mid is now listed on the Kyosho America site https://www.kyoshoamerica.com/30622-110-ep-4wd-racing-buggy-optima-mid.html
  11. For those of us located in the states, I reached out to Kyosho America regarding the Mid and received the following response. Seems like the delay is still due to the ports/supply chain which is not too surprising. We'll get them in time, and it is exciting seeing our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world receiving theirs Hello, I am sorry, I'm trying not to update our site until they are actually in a container on the way, which could take about a month or so once it leaves. The port here has been really bad. Our"scheduled" delivery has already past. Some of the other distribution in other countries use air freight. We are also moving our operations at the moment as well. Thank you and sorry for the delay. Sincerely, Kyosho America
  12. Wonderful. Where did you get that info? I asked a rep yesterday but they couldn't tell me when they would have the preorder. They always have nice coupons too which will make it even more worth it.
  13. I'm waiting for them to list is since I also have super saver points! Hopefully they have it listed soon but can only wait.
  14. Nice seeing the Mid back and thank you for providing the video. I'm in
  15. @d4dawg & @tamiya_1971 - Glad you both received your shipment notifications! This was an interesting case study due to the supposed limited quantities and supply chain/distribution issues surrounded by Covid. Cheers
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