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  1. Some more Holiday Buggy action from Humpty Doo [media]http://: [/media] [/code]
  2. [media] http:// [/media] [/code] Here is a short video of the pits and a few of the cars we race. I started making bodies up because we all broke our holiday buggy bodies to badly to fix.
  3. [media]http:// [/media] [/code] Some video of the races. Cheers
  4. [media] http:// [/media] [/code] Long time no see hope you're all doing well. Hightlights pictures of our meet last Saturday excluding me who was being the camera on my breaks. All ex holiday baggies on pretty standard dt02 chassis. A couple of more vids to follow if this works
  5. wandering how to create a showroom?


  6. Mate i hear you, preaching to the converted here, that's why i've ended up with over 10 of the things. Don't worry my baja's have full digital and proper faast gear. But i do see a use for a cheaper option in some of my runners that don't get used a lot hence my question. I don't like constantly having to swap receivers, maybe i'm lazy, and in some of the older Tamiya cars it is a plain pain is the neck to even access the receivers. I like my 3pks and i really like the menu and ease of functionality and unlike a lot of electronic stuff out there it is painless for me to use. Techno dinosaur i am, and once i've figured something out i like to stick with it, just that even though id like to be a blokes not made of money and at some point i need to say enough good set ups and time for a few other options. i don't like the cheaper 2.4ghz radios that i have, the menu's are a headache and even though the recievers for them cost under 10 bucks i'd still prefer to use my decent controller. Any info on a reliable option would be gladly listened to. There is one called frsky TFR8S.....rekons it is also for surface 3pk and 4pk? Anybody had any experience with one of these?
  7. Ok then, might as well continue. Rear fits the jig Fronts works too don't you just love it when a plan works out we have a winner can't complain about that fit She's a beautiful thing isn't she, never thought i'd say that about a tojo but hey who's listening anyway.
  8. Thanks man, it keeps me out strife, you can see the hotshot vid doesn't have the half bowl yet. I'm now thinking of adding in a double or triple jump down the back straight in the rough section after the bowl maybe a drivers stand one day but time will tell. It's a lot of shovel swinging and barrow shoving that's for sure.
  9. Hotshot [media] [media]
  10. The white pieces of plastic were stuck to the board for me to double check the wheelbase centerline against them (plastic bits) with a set square before I took it any further. The axle centers really are directly over the egdes even though the picture tells a lie. Will post some of the body fitting another time. cheers
  11. I was wandering if anyone has any experience with receivers that are compatible with the Futaba FAAST system? I have seen some frsky ones available but am not sure if they will work or not with the 3PKS with a faast system 2.4ghz module in the transmitter. I did try the V-F-TFR8 by frsky but it doesn't work with this system. Any clues or even better any experience with a compatible receiver that works? I only need 2 or 3 channels. cheers
  12. cut these bits off like this to get this Shortened M04 chassis ready for assembly.
  13. Great looking colours on your scorpion paint job.
  14. Close-up details of glue beads.
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