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  1. I tried to read it on both my frogs. my eyes are failing me and its kind of scratched.
  2. Ok this sounds like a perfect explanation. Thanks Bro!.
  3. I would just guess someone painted them. But the finish is so perfect with zero over spray to the inside of the rim. It looks like a factory finish.
  4. here are the known Thorp Parts for the Beetle. Good luck!, Jacob 2000 - Thorp Complete Drive Train Kit for Blackfoot, Monster Beetle, Hotshot (Includes (4550, 4520, 4510, 4512, 4513) 4510 - Dog Bones for Tamiya BF, MB, Brat, Frog 4412 - 2.5 MM Ball Hex Driver 4513 - Blackfoot Axles 4520 - Counter Gear for 2020, 4540, 4550 4540 - Thorp Differential for Blackfoot-Monster Beetle (Yoke Type) 4500 - Thorp Differential - Frog Subaru Brat, Blackfoot, Monster Beetle (w/Hex universals) 4550 - Thorp Differential for Blackfoot, Monster Beetle, Hotshot, Supershot, Boomerang, Big Wig, Super Sabre (w/slotted universals)
  5. That Is exactly what i figured. But They say "RCC. WILD ONE" Inside of the rim.
  6. I have a set of gold Wild One rims but all the pictures I see of them they are white. They say Wild One on the inside of the front rims. Any Ideas?
  7. I think Willy Chang was there when the picture was taken. He is the guy with the knee high tube socks. Maybe we should ask him. Nobody noticed my Tube Sock mod in the repost picture? Sorry I don't have any valuable information on the subject. Awesome cars though.
  8. I would recommend using a NiHm pack around 3000mah. they are around $25 US.
  9. Thanks guys for helping me with my battery pack issue. And Thanks to Arjen for the body and cris for the gold knock offs although they will not be on it for long. they are going on my tc3. Here are some before and after pictures of the golf!. Still a work in progress.
  10. RCR located in classifieds, May except best offer.
  11. The truck has Associated shocks on it. As far as i can tell.
  12. Maybe I should specify what I'm using it for. The 80's Golf with a Teu-101bk
  13. I have 2 but they are 20+ years old. Are they still produced or should I make some?. If I should make them is there a guide to doing so?. Sorry if this sounds likek the lazy way out instead of doing the research. But you guys always point me in the right direction!. And I may not make the right decision alone. Jacob
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