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  1. i guess i don't really miss them, but i sold a lancer IV and a king blackfoot. both were stock and MSC. also i had the worst battery and charger possible due to lack of knowledge and funds. that's why i don't miss them much. i just sold them too cheap I think. but now i have a super clod to play with
  2. here's what postman delivered most recently
  3. is there a way to "remember" my log in every time i return to the forum? right now, i have to log in each time i return in order to post replies or make new topics. thanks!
  4. done one axle, working very slowly here! i'll post more in between pics later
  5. thanks for all the info, lol looks like i need a wheelie bar. i do have a savage esc coming in soon and will run 2 batts on it can't wait! about the steering rods, what is the lining or tubing you're referring to? what does that do exactly? you got any pics of your clodbuster?
  6. i won't post all the steps, i'll post a few milestones though.. such as completing the rear axle and ready to mount them to the chassis
  7. building it currently and here are some pics: more to come later
  8. what is the cheapest ESC that would work with super clod? would the Novak XRS Reversible Sport ESC be good? so i would need 2 xrs, 1 for each motor? (if running parallel)
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