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  1. Sounds like putting silly putty in the diff!
  2. It turns about a revolution of the spur gear then gets very stiff, so stiff I can’t turn the stub axle with my fingers (motor out)
  3. I plan to run mine and get it dirty too!
  4. You can have the Jag, I’ll take the Griffith
  5. Now I got the motor and speed controller hooked up, something in the gearbox is binding.... now I have to take the whole thing apart... ahhhhhhhh!
  6. I’m in the process of building mine and fear the decals! I read another build thread where he stretched the stickers to fit. That sounds super scary to me. I really like the metallic but there were very few custom cars with metallic paint in the 70s. I have considered doing it a different colour completely and getting mci to do some matched decals. Where’s the finished photo with dirt on it??
  7. Oh, thanks guys, that feels very Un Tamiya but it has been driving me a bit nuts. Does it make a noise when it is running?
  8. Oh ya, I’m completely Tamiya obsessed but I don’t see the point in club racing an old rare buggy which I will have to trawl eBay every time I break something I was one of those Tamiya die-hards in the 80s that raced a modified Hotshot, then Avante, then Egress and still got squarely beaten by way cheaper and easier to drive other brands. I do wish Tamiya would make a modern racer though.
  9. Howards this is a quality post. I’m I. Exactly the same position as OP. My wife bought be a rere bruiser and now I want to go racing again. It seems Tamiya is a no-go. I was always being beaten by the throngs of Schumacher Cats back in the day anyway! now.... I wonder which modern buggy I should race that is most Tamiya like....
  10. I'm building a rere Bruiser at the moment and one of the radius arms rattles when the rear axle assembly is in the chassis. Is there something I don't know about them? It seems weird to me that they are supposed to just sit in the gap under the axle holder.
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