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  1. bob3.3

    Un Smoking A Bodyshell

    bolink sells or use to sell body wash i got a bottle of it with a recent purchase i've made. it said one of the uses is paint removal but i havn't tried it yet
  2. bob3.3

    Hpi Hellfire Or Traxxas Revo?

    I have a revo 3.3 it was my first truck and it was expencive first truck.A friend had a t-maxx 2.5 so i wanted to go 1 better.I love it for bashing and parts are everywhere most LHS stock parts for them and they are cheap. Plus lots of companys have upgrade parts in stock form it handled everything i threw at it from backflips over my house trailer to bmx tracks.As for the hpi i don't know anyone that has 1 but was thinkin about buying 1 about 6 months ago and bought a axial ax 10 instead but the hellfire is still in the back of my mind
  3. bob3.3

    Newbie With A Question

    It didn't have 1 when i bought it bit it now has a 190mm charger srt8 from protoform. I'll post more pics of it when i get my pc online. my gf's cam really sucks hopefully it'll be around tuesday that i'll have mine online
  4. can anyone help me to identify my nitro onroad car? All i can find is tamiya on the diffs/body mount/shock towers. It has a two speed tranny 4wd os 18cvr rd logics pipe.I bought it from a guy that didn't even know it was tamiya. It has a silver alum lower chassis and carbon upper i'll post better pics in a few days ok its tuesday night here in the states heres a few more pics