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  1. Swarm

    Academy Kits !

    Scored these 3 Academy kits NiB today for 150 euros from a guy in Antwerp - met him at the train station to pick up the kits and catch my next train to Dusseldorf . Long way to come to get 3 kits Australia to Belgium - but iam on a European vacation.
  2. I’ve been in the UK for the last 3 days and I’ve never slept so bad ! its after 2am and I’m still wide awake - I’ve tried everything even walked 6 miles to Tower Hill yesterday and yet here iam still awake ! It the body clock I think and a different environment plus different seasons .
  3. Swarm

    Wild Wendy 3

    Hi Jim . The 2 Wendy’s are modeled after my 2 daughters each Wendy has their name painted on the back of the hat . To tell you the truth nothing planned maybe something special later on down the track . Know I just had to get them while the opportunity existed.
  4. Swarm

    Wild Wendy 3

    My 2 Ladies arrived today Wild Wendy 3 with Certificates . Took almost a year but well worth the wait , you can’t rush perfection! Very happy with Matt’s work amazing detail . That makes 4 Wendy’s you can never have too much of a good thing !
  5. Can’t wait for this kit to be released ! Awesome idea !
  6. Swarm

    Supreme Tamiya Hornet

    Umm so I’m guessing this type of Supreme is not a Pizza 🙄
  7. Swarm

    new hopper!

    Gee how creative Tamiya -good to see the latest from your trashy look line !
  8. Swarm

    Any guess on re-re 2019?

    Yup agreed - They look like cheap kids toys like you would find a $2 shop . Majority of Tamiya enthusiasts or collectors are well into their 30’s and older , who try and obtain those kits we could not get as a child - hence the saving grace of the re re or selected re re kits only . Those fancy coloured rubbish looking cars are more for the 10 - 16 year olds - but they are far and few between - in fact I know of no young person who is a keen Tamiya enthusiast-apart from the odd kit they may build under their dads guidance .
  9. Swarm

    Best way to sell a collection

    Piece by piece your more inclined to target a specific buyer and get the best price per piece. Wholesale just limits you bottom line and your targeting a niche market . Peopke see vast sums of money for a collection who possibly already have some of what your selling , calculate the value of the ones they want and tend to tune out as the price is simply too much . If you sell separately you can focus on the ones your selling rather than a collection which can be vast numbers included .
  10. Swarm

    Any guess on re-re 2019?

    It’s a pipe dream ! I’m 100% with you though on these iconic cars being released , part of me regarding this hobby has faded , like these Tamiya great kits . Understand it’s good business to keep releasing the sellers , but in so many different variations beggars belief . Never been big on hanging for a company to release or re-issue something , tends to make me shutdown refuse to be held to ransom of sorts with the same tired kits released in different colours or with spots or a shark mouth . I don’t begin to understand their business model , and I’m past caring . Although do like the kits I have and very grateful for what I have .
  11. Swarm

    Aussie words... thongs?

    We did when our kids were younger - empty nesters now . You would call out Punch Buggy and call out the colour ....followed by a thump to someone’s arm . No white cars though in any game .
  12. Apparently it’s even bigger and better this time with the 30ft alien machine crashing through a brick wall . Should be a great show - it’s why we are going to the UK !