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  1. I'll get some more photos up tomorrow. I'm on the road for work for the next 12 hours.
  2. I'm on the fence about selling mine. When I bought it, I purchased the sport tuned motor and extra tires and rims for street/pavement use. I've only run it three times total. Still have the original tires and rims and motor (all Unused) and the instructions. No original box. I can post more pictures if anyone is interested. I'm in the US.
  3. I think about 10-11 year ago Tamiya came out with the Tamtech line of cars. I bought a Hornet and ran it about two or three times and kinda forgot about it. I ended up digging it out of some boxes I had in storage recently. I don't see much about these cards. Anyone have one of these? Are they collectible? Ebay doesn't show much about them. I assume parts are rare for them nowadays.
  4. Thank you. Overall I think it did come out OK. Still have not run it yet. There are a few minor things that Tamiya could have done to improve the kit in my opinion. Still puzzled why they didn't include a rear window and why no option for clear sunroof instead of filling in a hole with the same plastic that could have been molded with the body shell. The kit just felt like a chore and wasn't fun like the others that I built.
  5. Finally got around to finishing the Monster Beetle that I started back at the beginning of the summer. This is my first time building this style of chassy and I hated it. I like building my Hornet, Lunchbox, and Wild Willy 2, but I hated every moment of building this kit. Granted those kits I just mentioned are easier to build, this one was a chore to do and even a bigger chore to get the motivation to go down to the workbench to finish it....and I've build a few Losi and Associated kits that were way more complex but had clear instructions. The instructions for the MB are to vague in some steps. The gearbox assembly was a pain, mounting the motor was a pain in the *** and I cant seem to tell if the gear mesh of the pinion is ok or not. The suspention leaves a lot to be desired. The fit and finish of some of the parts left a lot to be desired. Glad this is done and over with. Overall it came out ok and I like the look of it. Throwing this one on the shelf to get started on my Xray T4 2020. Looking forward to joining the vintage trans am class at my local track.
  6. Newly built Hornet and I'm getting a weird clicking sound out of the gearbox. I've tried a different motor and its doing the same thing. Using the stock pinion gear. Cant figure out how to insert the video directly into this message post, but here is a link to a video of it.. https://youtu.be/qV33GzWqAJA Any ideas? I've never heard a Hornet gearbox sound like this. P.S. How do I add the video directly to a message on this fourm?
  7. I just finished building the Hornet kit. I'll post pics of it tomorrow.
  8. I've always wanted a Clodbuster and came close to buying the new Black Edition last month, but for the money the kit just isn't worth it in my opinion. It was impressive for its time back in the 80's and early 90's but now it just pales in comparison to what else is out there. I'm actually surprised they still sell it after all these years. I just got back into this hobby out of boredom due to the pandemic and after looking around at other offerings at similar price points, the Clod just doesn't measure up. The kit is still relatively unchanged aside for some minor cosmetic differences, but the price is still steep for what little you get. I feel its grossly overpriced for what it is. I know people love it and it continues to sell, but this kit should have been updated years ago. I'll probably catch some heat here for bashing the Clod so I'll just stop with my opinion...
  9. I'm probably gonna catch some flak fro saying this, but I thought long and hard between this thing and a Clodbuster. This is my very first non-tamiya car and first experience with LiPo batteries.
  10. Got the Monster Beetle body painted Lime Green Metallic.. Might look a little like Christmas with the gold rims, red chassy, and green body. I've got another idea for a paint job using gold and translucent orange. I'd like to recreate that Sunset Orange Metallic that was on the 01-02 Camaro and the C6 Corvette. I'm not sure what kit to buy to try it out on. Any ideas for a hard-body kit to build? I already have a Wild Willy 2, this Monster Beetle that I'm building, and my buddy has a Subaru Brat. Not interested in a Clodbuster. What else is there? EDIT: Ok, other hard body kits are Lunchbox, Midnight Pumpkin, and the rereBlackfoot? Are there any others?
  11. Finished the WW2. Painting the body and Willy figure took forever with all the mistakes I made. My very first time painting a figure. I kinda wish I painted his suit white instead of green. With all the painting and glue holding the body together, I'm afraid to run it. I do have some oil filled shocks and a Sport Tuned motor on the way, but I'm debating on installing them or saving them for another kit. Next up is a Hornet and a Monster Beetle.
  12. can you PM me the link? Really want Chrome, but would like to get another set or two for another build I plan on doing soon.
  13. Frog Jumper, thank you very much for this info. It looks like I can get the washers, front rims, and adapters on ebay, but the rear rims I can't find anywhere. I'll keep looking!
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