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  1. Most of my Bush Devils and King Blackfoots are fitted with brushless 9T Ezrun setups. Fast, reliable, fun. Search the forums and you will find much talk about EzRuns. In fact, everytime someone mentions 'Bush Devil' or 'Super or King Blackfoot' I usually mention 'Ezrun'!!! I went through all sorts of old fashioned motors for my trucks, eventually ended up with the brushless setup and haven't looked back. You don't need to go LiPo either, mine run fine on 4600mah NiMHs. You can detune them with the supplied program card so you have good run times, no stuttering yet still plenty of go for off road bashing.
  2. Great idea, love it!! I think that 6086 is also a good grade and these days more readily available than 6061. Any grade ally in 3mm will be more than strong enough! You going to polish them too?
  3. Yeah, stock 10T pinion, stock everything inside the gearbox. They run pretty quick, not quite as fast as my brushless e-Firestorm but not far off. A lot depends on the timing and punch settings which can be programmed using the card supplied with the EzRun.
  4. Hey dc101, There are some spare MSC's (to use until you get a TEU-101BK) and some old but perhaps useful MB shocks on their way to you. My assistant should be handing them to your assistant at some point
  5. The Lexan Brat shell fits very nicely on the Super/King Blackfoot / Bush Devil. EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I have a Bush Devil and a Kind Blackfoot both with 9t EzRuns and my colleague has a 9t Ezrun powered Bushie. Great combination, loads of go but decent run times from a 4600mah battery and the only thing we broke was one diff spider. Fit a wheelie bar!
  6. Yeah they aren't the strongest shocks out there, but I've found that the King Blackfoot shock towers break too if you start doing some serious jumping, which is probably why robbie09 is looking for part 'E' right? Kids eh?!
  7. Hi, I have a KBF (well, I have several of them!). 1. For spares I use Tony's Tamiya Parts on ebay for spares, he has most things. There are several others too, all good it's just that I use Tony the most. 2. Lots of shells fit. You can pick up a brand new Tamiya clear poly Subaru Brat shell with decals for around 25 quid. Just drill it to suit the KBF's body mounts. Or old Bush Devil shells if you can find one, anything that is the right size. My mate has an HPI shell on his and it looks great. I stay away from ABS 'hard plastic' shells as they break up very quickly if crashed. The clear poly (sometimes called lexan) shells are much better if you plan on using it a lot. 3. www.vapextech.co.uk is where I go for my batteries. Cheap and reliable for 'fun' use (known as bashing by the way). I use a 6 cell 4600mah 7.2v NiMH pack. Good power and good run times. For normal NiMH charging I find my Ansmann XBase Deluxe does the job very well. Stay away from cheap chargers like the Ansmann AC30 though, they won't do a high capacity battery any good as they use a timer to stop charging rather than sensing when the battery is full. 4. I cannot recommend highly enough the EzRun 9T brushless combo (look on ebay). Got mine off the bay for about 40 quid and it is a brilliant setup for the King Blackfoot. I use the battery I mentioned and it runs really well. No issues apart a broken diff spider and that was after a lot of abuse for over a year. No maintenance, I haven't done anything to my EzRun since I fitted it. The truck wheelies, it handles (coz I changed the front end a bit) and it goes fast. That's all I want! Another option is a Tamiya Sport Tuned motor and a Tamiya TEU-101BK electronic speed controller which will give good speed and loooooooong run times but for a similar outlay you can buy an EzRun. I have a tried most motors and esc combos in my King Blackfoot and I have to say the EzRun is the best of the bunch for what it costs. Don't be scared coz it's 'brushless' either, it won't explode into a million pieces - it just has loads more 'bang for your buck'. I've had faster RC trucks, but my EzRun powered KBF is still the one I enjoy using the most. Another tip - cheap shocks that work well are the Ansmann ones. 85mm is fine or if you mount them off the body mount positions you can use 95mm which gives it really nice smooth suspension without it being too high up. Make a wheelie bar for it and you'll have many hours of fun without any major problems. Hope that helps.
  8. The way I look at it is that by using the dreaded 'Bay, the exposure of my intentions to sell an item is a lot greater than any of the other avenues I could take. I can post links on here to my listings, so that also helps too, but there are so many people looking at ebay I reckon I get a better price on there than I would elsewhere. Even though the charges are now very high, I still end up getting a good price for something that I might have struggled to sell on the forums. And lets face it, other than excellent websites like tamiyaclub where only 'enthusiasts' are likely to reside, where else are you going to advertise your stuff? The local shop window or free paper? Good luck! I don't like a lot of the way ebay and PayPal operate but it's just the way it is. I treat it as a bit of a game, as long as I'm 'in credit' by the end of it I'm happy. I sympathise with those using it as a business tool as their livelihood depends on it. But you don't have to use ebay if you don't want to and they clearly define their charges, so you know what it's going to cost you before you submit your listing. I just wish I'd thought of it before they did! On a positive note, another auction site will overtake ebay one day, offering cheaper charges and better service, but as soon as it gets big the people running it will realise how much money they can really make out of it and we'll be back to where we started!
  9. Great trucks these, very reliable, very fast and very tough. Comes in original box with user manual: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=120433569966 Price now reduced - £165 ono
  10. There has been a lot spoken about buyer protection recently, I have a similar question but this time from a seller's perspective: I'm planning on selling some stuff but there is a lot of it, so I'd prefer whoever wins my ebay auction to collect it all in person. I have to offer paypal as a payment method but would really prefer 'cash on collection'. My issue is this - if someone does pay with paypal, then comes to collect my stuff, then later claims that they never got the items, how do I prove that they picked them up? Seller protection only seems valid if I can provide a 'proof of delivery' which I won't have if the items are collected rather then posted. Any advice on how I can ensure I don't get ripped off? Thanks!
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