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  1. thanks This one seem like have very low ground clearance than my tg10 is it normal or something to do with this car?
  2. hi, any body knows what chasis is this? It has double wishbone system and Fs-12SW engine and alloy wheels, Previous owner had no idea of the model , many thanks -mini998
  3. my transmitter is a futaba, so a reciever with the same range will work,isnt it? and with that combination , what make of crystals will work? thanks
  4. Hi as the title says , does anybody have experience with it? Or should I go for a futaba? (I need a budget reciever as im not in to racing.) this is on ebay for 14 Acoms 27Mhz 2 channel Reciever! Model: AR-2 / 27 27Mhz AM Edti- link deleted..
  5. Hi, Can any body tell me what colours are used in dark impact body?(colors recomended in the manual) I have a rising storm body and I want it to look 'mean' have anybody experience with tamiya gunmetal colours?I would like a dark gray colour than black.. thanks
  6. These two kits came today (surprisingly both of them came on the same day,wich I orderd on seperate dates ) Its going to be a very busy week end...
  7. hi, Taday I got two Tamiya kits, rising storm & TG10 honda integra kit but none of them got steering servos with them,is it normal? can somebody advise me on a decent servos for above two kits cheers
  8. thanks guys, yeah I looked df03 at stella models it comes around 100 ,But only thing i was worried was If it get stung by customs then there will be another 25-30 more.. So after lot of thinking I finally purchased a DF02 from fusion hobbies -78 ball bearing set from ebay - 7 and a cheep battery+charger from ebay - 9 (not the best one but hope it will be enough to get me going) so everything comes to 96 ,whithin my budget next thing in line is a decent battery and a charger (when i learn the lesson from the cheep one ) again thanks alot for the help guys
  9. as the title says, will it work? transmitter is futaba 2 channel thanks
  10. thanks guys I also think DF02 is better ,as Mark said I'm concern of its ride height ,how will it handle on grass ? DF03 if bit out of budget for me because I need some thing cheep which will not annoy my neigbours (like my nitros )
  11. hi, As the title says what will be a good choice out of theese for fun bashing (electric) Tamiya Baja king -TL01B Tamiya Rising storm - DF02 Tamiya hot shot I'm looking for something under 100 which comes with an ESC ,(if I have missed any on the list pl let me know) many thanks -mini998
  12. Hi, Can somebody suggest me a decent hex screwdriver set? there are some on ebay but thay look cheep and flimsy, thanks in advance -mini998
  13. Hi, I'm new to this forum , I m hoping buy nitro onroad car to build my self, Sinece there isnt much products available in the market ,i wonder if u guys can point me to some direction these are the cars I came up with so far on ebay 1/10th (all these cost aruond 130) TG10-MK1 subaru impreza 2001( FS12-LT engine) TG10-MK1 -Honda integra FS-12SW engine) TG10-MK1 -Ferrari 360 GT ( FS12-LT engine) 1/8th (150) TGX subaru impreza 99 (.15 engine) are there any decent kits available on the market? specially in uk? Currently im tempted towards HOnda integra which has Fs12-SW engine(said to be fine tuned ) ,any ideas guys? thanks in advance
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