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  1. About a year or so there was a guy posting a movie filmed with a camera he put on a some sort of steady cam advice. Now I can't find the post. It was some kind of handle that made it possible for him to stand up straight, yet film the cars on a ground level... The movie was of some kind of rallycars in slow-motion, really cool vid. Hope some-one understand what I'm looking for. Thanks guys.
  2. Thanks, That's some nice videos there, but the quality is just killing them. Doesn't Kyoshopeople run their car like we do with the Tamiyas? Are there no enthusiast that run their scorpions on the beach as I run my Sand Scorcher? When I look around I get the feeling that most people collecting vintage Kyoshos are old racing folks.
  3. I been looking for a while now, but everytime a video of a kyosho runner is posted it's some one who stands up and films the car from above as it runs up and down the street a couple of times, (well that's the worst kind of movie, sometimes there are a little better). I'm not trying to put anyone down. I'm just asking if there is any videos out there featuring vintage kyoshos, where they put a little love in to the filming, and finding a good location? I would love to see a Kyosho scorpion on the beach.
  4. Ok. Thanks Here's the link: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/sig_member.asp?id=190
  5. Ok. So the ones that want in can still get excepted by you guys? Cool.
  6. When I'm trying to let some one in to my SIG I get this message: "Sorry but tamiyaclub.com is currently locked to additions and amendments while we carry out system maintenance. Browsing the site will still function as normal during this time. We regret if this causes and inconvenience and we only normally only do it when we need to add exciting new features - so look out for these when the site comes back online. The site should be back online very soon so please check back within the next 60 minutes or so. Many thanks - Tamiyaclub.com Admin." Is it simply because I'm not a paying member at the moment? or is there something wrong?
  7. I believe that one thing that's a big part of the lunchbox success Is the price. It's an icon and a pretty cheap model.
  8. Thanks for the tip but I think I'll just hack up the radiobox, budget and time saving, it's a re-re so I don't have any trouble destroying it. I'm also a bit worried about interference if I'll add more aluminum, I thought I'd have money to upgrade all my models to 2.4 ghz but stuff came up that where more important.
  9. I guess that could work. Do you know the price for shipping it here?
  10. I'm thinking of loosing the radiobox on my SS 2010 in favor for an alternative chassis. I wanna do this so I can use a stick pack instead of a hump. So now I'm looking for a Chassis that fit this purpose well. Any ideas what might work best?
  11. well The main problem is that I really like thr looks of the clod with the lights
  12. My son keeps rolling he's clod and the lights keep braking and falling of (I do this to). We are getting tired of replacing them. We have the standard bodies and the standard lights on the "rollbar", is there any other options? I mean the lights on the ww2 is great they actually protect the body from damage and can take allot of abuse. we wanna keep the looks as close to the original as possible.
  13. Ok, then the last owner did a great job painting it.
  14. did the nitro bootle come in silver on the first one?
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