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  1. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I have set it up so it has a higher ride height than standard, which is why there is binding and losing of dogbones. I know its not meant to be a rally car, but kiddo uses it as so, lol.. I will look for the 42mm uni's and keep the o-rings in place. The real trouble is finding those flanged tubes to bolt the c-hub to the arms, having a scout on eBay. Its probably one of those things that people have a million of lying around. I used to have boxes full of spares, but got rid of them years ago...I had TB02 spares coming out my ears and would definately have found something in there... urgh, hindsight is brilliant.
  2. Hey All, My son's TT02 S model has lost some parts, and I am trying to do some upgrades, but battling to find options. Because it is the S model, it has the upgraded suspension arms and knuckles. Firstly I am trying to find Universal driveshafts as the stock ones keep falling out. I have the suspension set high up in rally form and the dogbones just fall out, or they foul. The manual suggests the XV-01 universals, but no suggestion for the rear, and they look to be different lengths. I would prefer not to spend Tamiya money at GBP16 for two. Anyone know of options for Yeah Racing or some other brand that would fit. Also, the small flanged tube that holds the C uprights with a screw through it is gone, its PN 51100 from Tamiya, but cannot find ANYthing in stock in the UK. Ebay only has options for Australia, and shipping is silly. Appreciate any assistance. Cheers, Andy
  3. Ok, thats great, thank you. Black Friday is a load of rubbish in my opinion, only stores trying to get rid of old stock or slow stock. Will keep an eye on FH. Cheers
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. I might leave the steering, and get the driveshafts instead as ou recommend. As far as body's go, that one looks very cool, but I know it won't be long before thats trashed, so might start with an El Cheapo and see how long it takes before its in pieces. I have done thousands of bodies before, so painting and decalling is not a struggle for me. Will keep an eye out for sales of the kit, but I have one in my basket now, so will hit the button before the end of the month and get it built asap. I think mail strikes and demand might be a problem closer to xmas, so will get 'er done ASAP.
  5. Hey All, Been man, many years since I last posted on here... back then was living in Dubai, but am now based in the UK. My 7-yr old has been driving a Traxxas TRX-4 since he was around 4 years old, and he loves it. I have nejoyed having him use it as it is as tough as nails, can be slowed down with the phone app, and above all, its waterproof! That said, I replaced all the bearings a year ago, as they were rusted solid! But now, he has got to the age wher SPEEEEEEED (in a Clarkson tone) is what he is looking for. I need something that could be rally or on-road, but faster than a crawler, while maintaining some strength and having loads of spare available. I had though of the MF-01x, but it is a little small, when next to the TRX-4 and I think he will see it as a 'downgrade'. I had thought of the XV-01 and if it weren't for the battery tray, it would have been my first choice. The packs I have are all 6000mah packs, a little bulky and some have power cables out the top, some out the side. Its going to be a problem. Soooo, after some research, I will go with the TT-02S. Its got easily modded suspension, the shocks are oil filled, it has bearings. The only NOW mods it really needs is the Yeah Racing steering, and perhaps ally prop shaft and diff cups. Later on I will get some proper CV type driveshafts. I will need a body set, most likely a Subaru (easier paintjob than the Delta Integrale or the Audi Quattro..... The question is this... I need to buy everything asap so I can build it for him before Xmas (due to travelling for xmas, it has to be RTR on the big day!) so I was thinking about supporting the guys who sponsor the site, but none of them have stock of all I need. Where do all the UK buyers get most of their stuff and are there any Black Friday deals to be had or is BF just hype for the same prices? Appreciate any advice and guidance... Andy
  6. Thanks for the response, looks like the market for Tamiya's has nose-dived. I will probably hang on to it for a while and see if that changes, or I will get an inspiration to use it. I will keep listing it in the interim. Cheers.
  7. Hey guys, I haven't shown my face around these parts in years. Having recently moved to the UK, I need to get rid of a few things. One of them is a Tiger 1 that is 3/4 built and painted/weathered. Its fairly rare now as it was the verion 50009 that came with EVERYTHING including Tamiya radio gear, batteries, rx, MFC and DMD. I believe these are now quite rare as the 50010 is the only one being made to date. I added a LOT of extras including chassis stiffeners, reduction gearing system and an upgraded idler. I did all of these in preparation for adding metal tracks, which I have done. Also got a few additional things like metal buckets, lights and shackles...I also went silly and bought a Michael Wittman figurine for it...LOL! I have had it up on ebay for less than a new 50010 kit and not even a bite! Has tanking completly lost its appeal? Granted, I did pain this, in a non-accurate historical colour, but unless a rivet-counter is looking at it, its done pretty well in my opinion. Is it that people simply don't want a painted tank as they want to do it themselves? Perhaps someone more experienced in this arena could provide some insight as to why there is no demand, or am I simply asking too much money? I also know that with the Torro/Henglong offerings about, the more expensive, but more rewarding Tamiya kits are now relegated to 'serious collectors' and therefore a thinner market? It's on ebay right now, and I may pop over to the 'Shameless Ebay plug" page and put it up there, see if any Tamiya nuts want to have a crack at it! Cheers
  8. Hey all, I havent posted on here in an eternity, and have recently moved from the Middle East to the UK. Unfortunately, I need to offload this tiger, that I have invested a lot of time, money, blood, sweat & tears into...lol! If anyone is interested from TC, I would happily look to do a deal that avoids ebay fees and potential shipping disasters!. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144210082795
  9. A Loooooong time since I posted on TC, feel bad, but I have a little boy of nearly 4, and since he was born.....backseat to the RC hobby! :-) Anyway, now that he is old enough, and absolutely LOVES cars, I thought I would get him something to mess around with in the dirt. The XV-01 seems like it would be the nicest option, either that, or the MF-01x. If anyone has one of the above, let me know. I would prefer to buy a used one if there is one about, as although I would get a lot of satisfaction building either, the little boy would probably like to get it up and running asap. Appreciate any responses and advice. Regards, Andy
  10. Ritchie, I was thinking in the region of 80 pounds, but I need to get it to the UK, and I also want to see if I can figure out what was cannibalised from the kit. I need to go through all the parts bags and see. I know they SHOULD all be sealed, but if there is an open one, I will find whats missing and try to complete it. Regards
  11. No Problem mate, hope you get lots of enjoyment out of it. Are you going to run it or put it on the shelf? My plan was originally to give it some light running, which I did, and then use the other body to sit on the shelf. I will make sure to get the manual to the UK next time, and send it over to you.
  12. Aynar, they don't come with bodies. I have a few bodies that are NIB but they would be sold seperately. i also have a SumoPower GTR body that has been painted box art. It has a very basic light kit. The one great feature of this, is that I managed to paint a dullcote over the top of the shell so it has a matte finish. Obviously light buckets and windows are not matte. I carefully cut the overspray film before painting the outside.
  13. I dunno what they are worth, but was thinking around 80quid, delivered? Not sure what they are worth....am I deluded?
  14. Hey Guys, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, a couple of personal matters came up that have kept me busy... So, on to the responses that I got, first for the F201. As mentioned previously, it was run a few times and then ignored. I dug it out and went over it. It is complete, but it has a silvercan instead of the black can that comes with the kit. There is no ESC but there is an entry level HiTec servo. It will be included as anyone who has built one of these, will know it is almost a complete teardown to get to the servo. I had to redo the rear IFS suspension, but it is back to stock, the way it should be. It never ceases to amaze me, the amount of engineering that went into this model, it really is a triumph of tech in a RC car. Its such a shame the 4WD F1 scene never took off, but they were 'rolling the dice' on a concept that was never going to wash with the purists. Still, its just a fascinating piece of kit. The body is there, but was never painted very well, but will pass as a runner as it is not broken anywhere. Its just an amateur paint job. The sale will include an NIB Ferrari F2001 bodykit, that could be the 'shelf queen'. The spare parts that comes with it are some pillow ball connectors for the suspension, a set of reinforced arms and a set of tires that were a 'softer' hop up in the day. The TB Evo IV's are now both in their boxes. All the original parts are in the box, apart from one car that is missing the heatsink for the motor. I used a heatsink with a fan on it, due to the high temps here. I think it was salvaged for use in another vehicle at some point. One of the cars grenaded the front diff at some point, and was replaced by a oneway setup. Both cars have either a ball diff, or one-way/spool option. I think that the plastic crown and pinions on these cars was a weak point, so I stocked up on them, both cars have some spares. There are tons of spares in the box, I just divided them up equally between cars. The best thing I bought for them was the Year Racing Alu diff joint set. THe original cars came with PLASTIC outdrives, and these were notorious for opening up and spilling the axles, the alloy ones were brilliant. Both cars have a set included. I found some old pics of one of the cars assembled. They are now both completely disassembled in their boxes, and cleaned all the tape/residue off them. One has a few more scratches on the bottom than the other, but they are both good chassis', not cracked or broken anywhere.
  15. The FF03 is in the UK at the moment, I will get some pics for you at the end of the month, I don't want big money for it, but would like a fair price to suit us both. EDIT, I found this pic before I returned it to stock, it doesn't have the shocks on it, the stock ones are on and of course the ESC, servo are not there. Motor is no a GT-tuned motor The F201 is here with me, so will get some pics up this weekend.
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