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  1. I have a Cat XLS to build and a CR-01 to finish before I buy anything else!
  2. I went to my LHS last week and has this exact conversation and I ended up with a CAT XLS. The ease of parts availability swung it for me as they are made in the UK.
  3. I am very tempted to get one of these or a Javelin. I had a number of Tamiya models back in the 80s but the optima and optima mid turbo I had were probably the most capable buggies I had. My original optima had an ESC and a Trinity Monster horsepower motor. It took so much abuse and hardly anything ever broke on it.
  4. I have pretty much finished the build of the CR-01 I started in 2008 Its been quite a challenge to get all the geometry correct and improvise a press to get the bearings onto sun gear! Test run done, fixed the steering as I had missed the piece off the servo head that holds it all together. I have the original Toyota shell now to practice on as its scrap with a hole in it and I haven't done a shell in 30 years. Hopefully the CC-01 Defender shell should be here in the next couple days.
  5. So I am building a CR-01 that I bought in 2008 and got half way through the A-Bag. Started it yesterday and finished the A-Bag section and nothing missing so far which is a miracle! Happened to get the bodyshell out of the box and noticed its cracked as it has obviously has take a hit, I presume that's been in the last 12 years in storage. I could spray it up with some cheap paint to use as running shell, anyone know of any decent cheap paint in the available in the UK to use? I would like a new shell though, I originally intended to build this as a Land Rover and bought a couple defender pickup ABS shells but I would rather have a van body as I run a Defender van as my daily driver. Is the CC-01 Defender Shell a direct replacement. I see on Tony's Tamiya page he lists it as compatible but my require trimming? What about the other CR-01 shells, how do they all fit, presumable body mounting posts are different and you have to buy those as well as the shell?
  6. After dipping my toe back in the water by building a Lunch Box over the last few weeks, I got out the CR-01 Toyota that I bought 12 years ago. I had started building it and then it had been abandoned early on. I was convinced I had lost parts but having resumed I have now completed the A Parts Back with nothing missing! This is such a jump up from the lunchbox which is why I gave up before I think. Next job is to dig out the soldering iron and solder the motor and ESC connections. I am slightly worried about the ESC ones but will just take my time. Managed to find all the bits I bought for it back then as well. A M-troniks Viper RV Max ESC, Novak Fifty-Five Crawler and TowerPro 995 servos. Hopefully it will all still be okay.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion of worldwide eBay, I must admit I tend to restrict my searches to UK. I might bite the bullet and try doing a proper paint job and see how it turns out.
  8. I have come back to this hobby as many have because of lockdown and just bought myself a Lunchbox as I always wanted one. I also have a partially completed CR-01 Toyota that I bought 12 years ago to look at. My first model was a Frog purchased for me by my dad back in the 80's which I raced and loved but eventually it was sold. My dad died a month or so ago and I would like to build a Frog as a shelf queen as a reminder for those times. I can cope with the mechanical side of things but struggle to achieve a decent finish on the paint and decals, they are always functional but scruffy and I am looking for a box art finish. I was thinking about buying a kit to build and then looking for an XB Frog for the shell. It looks like there are no stock of the XB Frogs though. Are there any companies who offer box art finished shells or does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks in advance.
  9. I will try the axle as it is as I can always strip it down later if its a problem. I have ordered M-troniks Viper RV Max until I get can a Rooster Crawler. The Viper can then go into whatever speedy buggy I decide to do next as it is meant to be able to run most motors.
  10. I purchased a CR-01 today along with 2.4ghz Techniplus radio gear. This is my 1st build in probably 15 years. So far I am taking it slowly and its going together very nicely. The first hurdle I have come across is when putting the axles together. I decided to make one axle with the difflock in and one without. The axle without the difflock is very smooth as I expected from a ballraced axle. The axel with the difflock in is totally different and doesnt feel smooth at all. I took the axle apart and checked it and it all looked ok so I put it back together and it was still the same. I guess I should have tried removing the difflock and I guess that needs to be my next step. I have liberally greased the diff but should I pack the diff extra grease? When picking up the kit at my LHS they didnt sell me an ESC so I need to order one. I cant seem to find anyone in the UK with a Novak Rooster Crawler in stock so was going to get a Mtroniks Viper Eco 27 as a cheap unit to use until I can get the crawler esc or a Novak Goat. Is the Viper Eco 27 any good or is there a better cheap option? Are there any other tips or gotchas that people can give me on this build?
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