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  1. Hello, I am building a supershot runner and i need a rear damper stay. Can be a new or a used one. If you have something in your spares-box and you want to sell it please let me know. I have paypall waiting Regards Wim
  2. Ernie1

    Lazer Serie's

    Hello, I am quite new to the kyosho vintage buggy scene but from the beginning in love with the Lazer serie's. I'am not familiar with those . Could someone explain the difference between the Lazer Zx and Zx-r please or could someone point me to a topic where it was explained. Looking forward to solve this little mistery to me. Regards Wim
  3. He he, Don't ask why but have 2 fox, 2 wild one's, 2 hot shot, 2 monsterbeetle, 2 dynastorm. I think one to run and the other to run when the first is broken.
  4. What kind of servo saver do you recomend with the align servo ? Regards Wim
  5. Thanks guys, Saw the futuba servo in Bormac's Super Shot but didn't know about the align servo's. Looked for the specs on the net and it looks good. Think i am going to order one of them. Regards Wim
  6. Hello all, I am looking for a good steering servo to use in my Durga and my Dyna storm. But there are so many brands and types that i don't know which one to buy. I want to use it to race so i thought a high speed metal gear servo ? Maybe you can point me in the right direction ? Regards Wim
  7. Hello, Thanks for the reply's. I am going to try the yellow minipins this weekend. With the b4 i had to cut 2 rows on the outside and 1 on the innerside. I have now also installed the trf Buggy dampers with 30 in the front ones and 35 in the back . Will try to lower the chassis until the under arm are horizontal. Will Let you know after the weekend. @ highflyer it is just a flat track with no jumps. The reason why i am driving there is that 2 of the outside buggytracks around my city are closed in 2009. The nearest is almost 1 hour drive. Regards Wim
  8. Hello all, I'am setting my first steps into indoor racing at club level and i need some advice about the tires of my Durga. I want to race it indoor on carpet and with the tires that come with the kit it always has grip-roles. When i race my asso b4 i use schumacher minipins at the rear and Schumacher staggers at the front and this works very good. So if you can point me in the good direction it would be great. Thanks in advance Wim
  9. Thanks for the reply's, I thought that they were sold as a set and not seperate. A Durga and Baldre body are orderd. But for now i like the durga body more because it looks a little bit more agressive in my oppinion. Just to scare the oder drivers a little bit of so that they let me pass Thanks for the help and regards Wim
  10. Hello, Does anyone know where to find a tamiya durga body set ? I was looking on the bay but i coudn't find one. Maybe it is just me . A while ago i found one at the online shop of Kamtec but they are discontinued. Regards Wim
  11. Hello everyone, I got a second hand t2m dynamite brushless combo 100a esc and 8t motor. There was no mannual with it so i wonder if anyone can help me with the setup because i want to use it with an other transmitter. If someone knows a Link to the mannual that whould be great. Regards Wim
  12. Hello, Tried it this morning ( a little bit scared) and it worked perfect. The ultimat has an automatic NiCd program where it detects the cells himself so problem solved. Hope this helps other people to anyway thanks for reading. Regards Wim
  13. Hello Terry, Thanks for the info, send an e-mail to them and hope for the best. Regards Wim
  14. Hello all, Can you put me on the right track ? I have a mini inferno with a battery 8 cells 1100 mah each. Can i charge them with an ultimat 16 charger ? or do i need a special charger? I ask this because there is a special connector on the battery . Until now i have only used lipo and normal tamiya racing packs. Or can i just change the connector to deans and use my normal charger ? Regards Wim
  15. Hello to you all, I have a little issue with a nosram hawk reverse esc over 18 turns. It is an automatic setup esc, waterproof and is protected in 3 ways for (i will discribe it) a to havy motor, when it is running to hot and when you put the plus and minus together. When i give throthle it goes full throthle and when i reverse it goes full reverse with nothing in between. When i take an other nosram esc and put it in the same car with same electronics everything works fine so i think it must be the esc. It is quite new but i bought it second hand. It has the box with it and the mannual and the warranty card. What should i best do ? I live in Belgium so can i send it directly to Nosram with the waranty card or do i have to send it to the importer ? Does anyone know who the importer is for Benelux or Belgium ? Looking forward for some advice. Regards Wim
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