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  1. Resurrect this 14 yr old thread I am restoring a Burns, anyone got either BS51 or BSW7 they want to sell? Doesn’t have to be pretty but no holes drilled and it needs to be straight please. The stock chassis I have is bent.
  2. Almost done! Just waiting for a Hi-Torque servo for the CCVT gearbox and an exhaust deflector.
  3. I actually got it for 39 Euros + shipping to US. The CCVT gearbox cost me the most... The shop actually still has a set of the plastic bits - maybe another body... http://www.modellbahn-pietsch.de/ - They are very helpful. That Hilux looks nice! The 4Runner body isn't as nice as people make it out to be. I just like the proportions
  4. Progress: I broke the original gearbox housing, but I've got some super plastic repair stuff that I can hopefully use to make it stronger than before. Meanwhile I found these parts and they have just arrived: New Old Stock Toyota 4Runner body. It's huge but the details aren't as impressive as I thought, the Tamiya Pajero/Isuzu mu/wrangler, etc. are definitely MUCH nicer. I love the size of the Kyosho body though. A brand new CCVT10 gearbox My broken CCVT gearbox and brand new gearbox housing
  5. Does anybody have a picture of the GP - Gas Powered sports version? How is it different to the CCVT version? I'm thinking of converting mine to the sports version...
  6. Following is the list of bearings that you need and some of my notes about them (excel spreadsheet) http://users.rcn.com/holsonyap/KyoshoRV/notes/BBs.xls
  7. The original belts are S3M192 and S3M225 - I did a quick search and found the specs: S3M192 - CCVT to Center Diff - 3mm Pitch, 192mm pitch length, 6mm Wide, 64T S3M225 - Clutch bell to CCVT - 3mm Pitch, 225mm pitch length, 6mm wide, 75T I got the 75T belt from sdp-si.com - not sure where to find the other one though. But I still have the other one.
  8. update: I found the main belt from sdp-si.com - it is a 75T, 6mm wide, 3mm pitch, 225mm pitch length belt. This is the one that connects the clutch bell to the CCVT. The original part number is S3M225 - it was made by MBL The one that connects the CCVT to the center differential is 64T, 3mm pitch, 192mm pitch length, 6mm wide belt. The original part# was S3M192 I have the ball bearings on order (coming in today), rebuilt the shocks, etc. The engine ran on Friday!! Except it was leaking so badly from the crankshaft bearings (probably bushings actually). I may try to pop the bushings out and replace them with bearings as the rest of the motor is in decent shape. But I do have a Kyosho GS11R to replace it with. Still undecided on the body - it'd be awesome if a more scale tamiya/kyosho body would fit. Otherwise I'll just fit one of those Pro-Line or HPI monster truck/stadium truck bodies for now.
  9. Yup - lots of parts missing -im gonna start by seeing if the engine will still run been thinking about the body - it's gotta be a scale body though but maybe ill just put one of those t-maxx bodies on it for now..
  10. Just got it in the mail: Hopefully still working.. the 'infamous' CCVT Is this really a mechanical baffle in the silencer? if so i think it is really cool I guess it was a 4 runner Broken panhard rod (again really cool stuff) - and i think the diff is busted too and it needs the spring retainer and a spring A cooling fan.. Missing drive belt - probably have to get one custom made
  11. Hi, Do you still have the manual? I just acquired a GP chassis and I'd like to at least restore it and a manual would be rather helpful. Please let me know if you still have it Thanks, Holson
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