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  1. heya, i know realy old Post but did u manage to find ur manual ? if Not please let me know i can help Regards
  2. haha Well sorry ! better share it bad then not
  3. Smal Update, i will try this 15€ Tsky Brushless ESC.....will see how long it lasts, doesnt look to bad on the inside ! Did a smal run and worked fine, ofc its no 80 kmh Line Dragger but it will be a Rally Car so ok if anyone iunteressted, actual weight 2200g but i could get at least 100g lower if i do some cut outs in the chassis plate, maybe in the future.
  4. Hello Folks ! Again i broke a Law on older Tamiya Cars....hope People will not Kill me one day for that Sacriligious things i do Removed the Nitro Brought in the Electric Custom Chassis Lower and Upper Plate Custom Motor Mount Alum Suspension Arms all around with Knuckles etc. Some Cheapo Battery Tray HPI Rally Wheels, but maybe i will Try Tamiya TGX Rallys once or twice for comparising ! Best Greetings from Austria !
  5. well if u use a TGR u have to use the Toyota GT One Body realy, but i am scared to use my new one.... hard to get another
  6. Hello! Still not sure if i should post that, i guess some People might dont like the conversion, but since i converted a TGX to Brushless also, they way for the TGR Project was free All started with some TGX Cars, somewhere i saw the TGR Chassis and liked it, specialy with my most loved Body Shell the TS020 Toyota GT - One which was also hard to get. Since the TGR has only 2 Speed Gear i had to use a TGX Single Speed shaft and Added a Modul 1 Main Gear, shortened the TGX Gear Support, using a TB02 Motor Mount which has the same height as the TGR Bearing Carrier. ofc the Shaft is Shorter then the TGR 2 Speed Shaft so i had to make a New Prop Shaft which is 4mm longer then an original TGR one, the Chassis itself is selfmade since i dont want do Drill the One Original Chassis Plate i got, u cant get another new one at a reasonable price lol ! The Wheel Question was one of the hardest parts, the Original Wheels are Rare and expensive to, so i was searching around, ending in the 1/8 Nitro Race Car Corner, the Front Foam Wheels fits kinda 95% and are dirt cheap, with the Right Rim Type they can be added on the Original 12mm Hex Hubs (just reverse them ) of the TGR with an Custom made Nut to accept the 12mm Hole of the Wheel. fittet with an custom Upper Deck to and some parts from different Brands it finally come together, just need another ESC, the Mamba Monster Max is way to big for it lol It did his First drive out on a Cold Street, totaly fun Regards, Oswald
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