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  1. Finished up my Top Force the other day, cool buggy.
  2. Maybe this will give Tamiya a little push to re do them. I can't believe they haven't already, a lot of people wanting them.
  3. Someone grabbed a screenshot of this off AEs site but now it's removed. Hopefully it's real and it's on the way
  4. Hopefully they do another release
  5. I see this starting to pop up in most hobby shops now for pre order so it must be close. Ive never had one before so will be picking one up in this round.
  6. Building HS and working on bed/box for 6x6
  7. I've always liked the look of this buggy, I'll probably pick one up. Still waiting for that king cab/Hilux racer release though.
  8. Thanks Some more work on the plow today. I have the servo and fake hydraulic cylinder setup and the plow mount bolted to the truck. I'll be revising the linkage a bit to help get rid of some of the flex.
  9. Thank You. I sure would like to get my hands on some.
  10. Thanks. I'll probably end up doing a couple different ones, a basic flat bed like an oil field winch truck and a rotator truck.
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