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  1. 1. King Cab (TTC Tranny) 2. Hilux Racer (TTC Tranny) 3. Super Blackfoot 4. Dyna Blaster 5. Tamiya Toyota Prerunner, S10, F150
  2. I'm still waiting for Tower to add Canada back as a shipping option useable with easy pay. They added my Canadian address and I could place my order with them over chat but couldn't do easy pay. If it wasn't for their website change over I would have preordered back when they first listed it.
  3. Excellent, will be picking one up for sure! Now bring back the King Cab and Hilux Racer
  4. Same here! I was just getting ready to order one after looking at it for so long, then bam, out of stock and then no longer carried. They had the best price and I really like the Easy Pay system they have splitting it up over 3 payments.
  5. I would love to see a remake of the King Cab and Hilux Racer. I miss my old one
  6. Still waiting for these...maybe someday.
  7. Does anyone know which yellow cva shocks (part number) to buy that would fit this?
  8. Painted mine and added a Hilux bed with drop bed. Colour is a little off in pics but it's Tamiya TS-86. I still have to paint the details, wipers, trim etc. Also going to build a topper, rear bumper, and lights. With the Tamiya Lunchbox
  9. I just got around to a quick test drive in the house last night, everything powered up with the included lipo battery. The truck drives flawlessly, shifted thru all 3 gears with no problems. Truck comes with the diffs open, will need to lock them up before I get it outside, the manual shows how to use the screw pin to lock them. The suspension seems to flex well for being a new truck and im sure it will break in with more use. There is play in the driveshafts but I will run them until they break. Also a bit of play in the front knuckles but nothing too crazy. Other then that everything else looks and feels good. I did notice a little bit of frame flex when the truck articulates hard while viewing the truck from the front, not sure if the original was like this or not. I'm not sure I will continue to use the included lipo as it's only 1500mah and I'm not sure I trust it anyways, it feels really light and cheap. Overall I have no regrets with this knockoff Bruiser and look forward to getting it outside in the dirt.
  10. It's here... I just got it out of the box for pictures, I will update later when I get into it more. But first lifting it out of the box it feels nice and heavy and looks awesome. Shipping did not take too long to Canada, just a little over a week. I bought from "toucanhobby" on ebay.
  11. Mine is ready for pickup at the post office, I'll have it tomorrow.
  12. I ordered mine off Ebay today for $300 USD shipped to Canada, it was just a little over $400 CDN.
  13. I'm looking for a set (4 shocks) of Tamiya 43007 yellow CVA shocks for the Tamiya Quick Drive QD 1/14 monster trucks like the Midnight Pumpkin, Monster Beetle, Blackfoot, and Clod Buster. I'm also looking for the Tamiya 43013 black can 280 motor for the Quick Drives. Must be willing to ship to Canada, please message me if you have some for sale. Thanks
  14. I'd still like to get a set of those CVA shocks for my QD Clod if anyone has some for sale.
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