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  1. His ebay user name is rob101, search for him, add him to favourite sellers, add a subscription and you will be notified when he lists stuff. I've used a few of his parts and can def recommend them..
  2. Hi Guys So I bought a set of the GPM TL-01 alloy knuckles for the front of my Wild Willy 2 but obviously with 1 being a 4wd and the other being 2wd they aren't directly compatible but there must be a way right? Surely I just need some longer modified uprights or some long front wheel axles and figuring some way of holding them in right? Any ideas? Any parts you can suggest I might try? I don't like making things easy for myself and I'm up for a challenge! Cheers Ad
  3. Sorry to dredge this thread up to the top-thinking of getting a WW2 so I've been doing some researching. This confused me though-does the WW2 use the TL01 chassis then? Cheers
  4. Hi Guys - my first post. So i've been away from all this for a while and now whilst all my mates are getting these re-releases i've decided to restore my Boomerang instead. So my question - things have moved on so what esc, motor and batts do you guys recommend? I don't want to go nuts but obviously i wanna go faster than my mates new frogs and hornets. Now cos some of the parts are getting hard to find i don't want to go too crazy (i might go for a brushless/lipo system in a new Brat when i get my head round it all and sort the Boomerang) and trash the gearbox, just a good fast car. So what would be a good combo? Cheers y'all Adam
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