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    im a gear head i like cars dirt bikes motorcycles snowmobiles and pretty much anything with a motor.if it runs on gas im in love with it. Im also into r/c toys i have a xtm X-cellerator and a 1992 tamiya blackfoot i love to race.
  1. Hi, i was woundering if those old aristo craft motor conditioners work well> Also what can u do with them?
  2. well i want a buggy mainly for street and on my track i made. But i want to make sure those cars work good. Because i had a rc10gt and had nothing but trouble with it.
  3. Hi, i was just curious if anyone knew anything about the nitrorcx nitro cars. exceeds 1/10 with a vx.16 motor. Do they run good? start good? how are the pull starts do they break allot? http://www.nitrorcx.com/gas-nitro-rc-buggy...n-99-bucks.html
  4. o by the way how could it have 100 plus amps by dead shorting?
  5. well for my birthday i got some old batetries on ebay and i fixed them up cleaned them wrapped them and charged them up they have so much power i have a couple 1200's and a 1400 matched. im curios the disdraw amps, some people beleave there 40 amps so idk im just anxios to know.
  6. who know how many amps the old sanyo 1400-scr batteries put out because i have like 4 of them and there probly the best batterys i have.
  7. well mayby its the gearing, the gear box is fine. Hes running it in his stampede and im running mine in my xtm xcellerator. Its a vintage precision bad animal 27t motor. So mayby it cant handle the big tires altho idk y it couldnt?
  8. ive always had good luck with cleaning everythign with a brush and laquer thinner. expesialy the bushings. Then id clean the comm with some 220 and keep doing it till the comm is all ligth colored then go over it with 1200 untll its smooth then i use aluminum billet polish to give it a gloss. oil the bushings too
  9. yea i ran it in the air it seemed fine in the air didnt over heat i sold it to my friend and he has it in his stampede now. it dosnt over heat imidiatly it takes time . I chanegd the brushes before i sold it to him so they look like new not warn at all altho there out of a diferent motor. the comm looks fin not burn't, and its nice round flat. bushings are fine ive oiled them too. so idk if u have sugestions i have the same motor in my truck and mine runs cold and has more torque then his.
  10. Hi my precision 27t motor dosnt seem to have any power and keeps over heating when i use it i was woundering if anyone knew why?
  11. Hi, i was woundering what shocks i should put on my newbright rc snowmobile?
  12. hey does anyone know about the associated reedy challenger 19t motor are they quality?
  13. well actually i want a motor that will make my rc stadium truck do wheelies and go like 35mph or more?
  14. Whats the highest torque motor u can buy for a stadium truck somthing that can make my stadium truck do wheelies.?
  15. yea ive taken it apart it looks like brand new?
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