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  1. Hi just a quick question i have snaped off two roll bar lights on my Hilux and the wires are two small to solder i just can not see well enough to make the the join as the led;s wires are tiny. I have bought a new roll bar and would like to replace the harnes that feeds the spots is this poss or do you only get the harness with the MFC unit any help is welcome Regards Ade.
  2. Hi the site looks good i have a load of pre cut face stone that came out of the fire place in my house and i have made a small course in the garden it great fun but one day the good lady wants me to make a BBQ out of it .Here is a bit of a thought why not knock up a rope bridge and use sticks to make the cross members to make it a bit tougher.
  3. Hello Biggus sorry to here you have to work on Sunday have you sorted out the Hilux yet as you said it was running a bit rough look forward to seeing you at the next meet Ade
  4. Hi all my self and Mort are having a scale/ crawler non comp meet at Hunters Hill Quarry near Parbold .The site is very large and is public land so no get of my land there is good parking .The site is shale ,woodland, lot,s and lot,s of rocks and a good wet areas small shallow ponds and mud .The fun starts at 10.00 ish bring a flask/food and good boots all welcome Ade.
  5. We it,s stopped snowing so the 1.1 cars will now grip anyone out there
  6. Welcome Boothy like Richie says we do have big meets when the weather is on our side we need the 1.1 cars to get grip so we can play with our 1/10 cars still i did build a scale trail out of snow in the back garden the other day the Hilux went well on the snow top fun . Hope to see you all soon Ade
  7. Hi Rich would love to do a meeting but sadly i am fitting a kitchin new house all work no play etc .But the faster i get it fitted keep her in doors happy the faster i get out to play
  8. Hi Maciek nice work your doing there i love that car and would love to own one still i will keep looking .If it were mine i would make it a shelf queen and stare at it every day. Have you ever worked in England as i worked with a Maciek in Southport my local town about 5 years ago is it you ?
  9. Hi all first off Happy New year one and all .Hopefully a new year will spark off new bashes and scale drives a few more than last year as it seemed a bit quiet still we have been in hard times So let,s make a new year resolution to get out more often
  10. Hi all merry x mass from a snow covered lancashire all the best to every one Ade
  11. Hi all i like the idea of crimbo meet before or after the 25th sounds good who else ?
  12. Hi all i live in southport the weather is Wet and windy not good so like Biggus we are calling time on a meet as my mate pete has a bone condtion and wet days do him no favours how about next week?
  13. Hi all Satarday still good for everyone about 1 ish a good time ?
  14. Just a thought anyone else up for this meet it would be see faces old and new.Also myself and good friend pete go out scale trail driving near Ormskirk in a public park a top site with good terrain if you fancy a scale trail drive let me know
  15. Ok twelve is good for us be nice to see you all again.Been far to long Rich you got any new toys to bring to the party is Andy/Nightowl coming ?
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