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  1. Pushed the button on all the kit yesterday, so looking forward to delivery’s next week!
  2. I’ve not used them, don’t even have a truck yet but watching this YouTube video makes it look like they are quiet forgiving with alignment
  3. Thank you Shergar and Mad Ax for your reply’s. I’ve seen a trick with cloning a receiver and using a cheaper Led kit for the trailers, not seen anyone do it with a dumbo though, so I’m going to see if that works Anyone else got some useful info and tips?
  4. Hello everyone, I’ve decided I’m going to take the plunge and purchase my first big rig. I’ve read a lot through the forum the past few days and seen some fantastic builds. I’ve come up with a spec I think will work Scania R620 kit 56323, two Etronix 6kg servo ES060 GT power entry level sound and light system Carson poison 80t motor ball bearing set Paint i already have and plan to use hobbywing 1060 esc DumboRc 6 channel pistol transmitter (has a 3 position switch, a push switch and two rotary switches) Is there anything I’m missing? Is there anything that could be improved upon? At some point I would also like to get a trailer, something more UK/European in design, is there anything i need to build into the truck for that such as auto fifth wheel? At this point I’m trying to keep it on the cheaper side as I’m not sure at this point if it’s something I will enjoy, I do go hot and cold on things quite quickly!
  5. Hi, had a heavy landing on the front left of my TT02B, does anyone have the above parts collecting dust? Happy to pay or course
  6. So I’ve got the idea in my head but I have no idea if it will work, I’ve spent some time searching for an answer, but it doesn’t look like anyone has put it on the forum. I would like to paint a shell with lame flake, and then mask off sections to paint a design with different colours. would removing the tape also remove the flake? Has anyone ever tried it before?
  7. Thanks for everyone’s input, I’ve had look through and tamiyas current range of 4WD buggies that are in my price range. They aren’t really doing it for me, and I do want to keep to Tamiya at the moment. I do like the DF03, so thinking I may upgrade it to brushless, perhaps the Hobbywing max 10 as suggested by Big Jon. Not to powerful though as it will be my sons go to car. as Wooders28 suggested, I would also need to do the rear diff mod, and probably get a slipper as well, and now we are starting to get close to what I was willing to spend on a new car……
  8. They are a bit pricey for me at the moment, what are peoples thoughts on the a TT02b chassis, either plasma edge or neo scorcher?
  9. Evening all, I’m after some advice on an upgrade for my sons DF03 as you may have seen I’ve been having problems with burning out motors, well I’ve had another one go today, racing in short grass, my sons DF03 got hot and started smoking, but the DT03 just kept on going fine, and I was driving a lot harder and faster. I would get another DT03 but my sons much prefers 4WD. So what would be an equivalent 4WD buggy to go with a DT03 and a replacement for a DF03? it will be used on rough concrete, gravel yards, dirt and short grass
  10. Hi, I’m after the front inside driveshaft cups for a DF03,
  11. I’ve rebuilt my Df03 now with all new bearings and new diff balls. All gears degreased and regressed and I made sure to have backlash on the spur and pinion gears, new firebolt broken in and fitted, Had a good session this morning, racing with my lad, never missed a beet and stayed warm to the touch! thanks everyone for your help and suggestions
  12. Thanks for all the feedback and advice. I’ve done a bit of investigation and would say the rear gearbox probably didn’t help the cause. It felt notchey to spin by hand. I’ve stripped it down and a few of the bearings are suspect. the front seems fine, but I’ll strip it down when I’ve rebuilt the rear just to be on the safe side. amazingly I found almost a complete set of bearings in my parts bin, so will rebuild with all new.
  13. Nope there stock also, over ten years old, but still stock…
  14. That’s a good shout, I have spun the wheels by hand with the motor removed and all seems good, it could do with a strip down anyways so would be a chance for a bit more of a in depth look
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