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    vintage tamiya early 80's.<br /><br />sand scorser,rough rider,mountaineer,sand rover..cars like that.<br />and off course parts for those vintage cars
  1. Thx for the feedback... Cheers bram
  2. No? Works good tough what do you suggest max?
  3. Hey wez i used WD-40 works perfectly get really clean and don't have any negative effects on the body and parts...cheers bram
  4. Thx pizza... So a complete strip it is... Thx pics will follow... Greets bram
  5. Finally got my hands on a boomerang good condition but very dirty...you guys got any tips how to strip and clean the boomerang? Thx for suggestions Greets bram
  6. Cristal clear mongoose... Are there any difference in gearbox in terms of endurance or durability of this gearbox..besides the fact that the gearbox don't fit on each other.. Greets
  7. Hi guys.. So the MK1 versions are from '79. And the MK2 is the re-release? Or am I wrong? Thanks Bram
  8. Cool!!! I got a 959 as wel bought it when I was 16 still got it except the body I threw it away somewhere past the years. It was in bad shape...got a repro body but I still need a original...runs great..
  9. I am afraid you are right brom
  10. Lol greg.. Ur probably right but its the truth...I am looking for a blazer for a while now but its quite a fight to get a good one...already got the hilux but still looking for its cheaper brother at least back in the 80's nowadays the blazer is a relic..the holy grail.... Greets bram
  11. Thx twinset.. I wil order them strait from the UK... Cheers
  12. Hey members.. I recently purchased a SRB ford ranger but I need a replacement for the old 1200 m\ah battery...does anyone have suggestions or a online store where they have similar battery's? Suggestions are welcome.. Thx bram
  13. Looking good westy. Does paint have the same effect on both parts knowing they r 2 different materials westy?
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