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  1. Absolutely perfect mate, thank you for all your help! Invaluable.
  2. As for me, took the lads for their first 'race' at the local track. They loved it. About 3 laps in 5 minutes, but both managed a marshall free lap in the second round, and I really enjoyed driving with them!
  3. Sickest Manta Ray I've ever seen!
  4. I have a Comical Hornet and a Comical Grasshopper for my 6yo and 9yo. They love them. We have turned the steering dual rate down to 50%, and they are learning throttle control to help them turn on grass, where the tyres push slightly. It still turns rapidly on tarmac though. The tyres are great for all surfaces, we just took them on a dirt track at the weekend and they handled great. Some have complained the tyres don't work well in grass, but they are fine in short cut grass at home. Bigger clearance than my Wild one. They are geared slow, but wheely from a stop on Nimh and standard silver can. Perfect to learn with. About as fast as a clodbuster on fast setting, slower than a wild one. They are more stable than you think. They do topple over on tarmac from time to time when you go off power from a fast speed and full lock. THunderDragonCy has done a bit of work to them and added faster gearing from Yeah Racing and then moved the shocks out on the arms and now it doesn't tip over. Check out his build thread. As soon as they are driven full speed into the trampoline, reversed and driven off I knew it was money well spent. Run the big bumper though! I want to do a build thread as I haven't found any weaknesses other than screws coming undone. Those step screws suck. They are excellent grab and go buggies IMHO. I'm not worried if they topple over anyway, the kids run along behind them and running out to flip them over is actually keeping them active, win win. Good Luck!
  5. Hey ThunderDragonCy, I was wondering how you calculated the final drive ratios, and if so if we can calculate for the standard pinion sizes available too, so we know what options are out there? Took ours to a dirt track race day and they handled the jumps in a better manner than my Wild One. I think because they jump nose high and the Wild One didn't have enough pep so would nose in and endo after landing. Kids had a blast!
  6. The other thing re-re's do is bring back the replacement parts for those of us that like to run the old stuff and couldn't give a hoot whether the part is original, you just want to get back out there. As to NIB and collecting, that's a different story.
  7. Do ensure that you have your running shoes on when you have placed two batteries with litespeed connectors immediately next to each other and your 6yo goes to plug the plugs into each other. Also be prepared for his look of disdain at the arm flapping loud warning he is given, and to explain to him the consequences of his actions should the old man not have got there in time. I'm sure I prevented a black hole forming. But I didn't prevent my lad from receiving further proof his dad is an over-reactive idiot (at least in his mind). I soldered XT60's on the next day.
  8. Pay it no mind By your reply, it seems we all got more edumacated! Thanks for the follow up Kev and Mokei!
  9. Thanks for your reply! I think I will put a reinforcing bar across the chassis between the two front mounts to add more support. It is surprising how much the chassis is easily able to twist in your hands as you say there is no support on the top. Running an FAV bonnet may help, but can't find any.
  10. Hi all, just got myself a re-re runner to skid with my kids, but this tub cracking business scares me a bit. Any ideas where it cracks? I heard it is where the roll bar mounts to the chassis, but is it at the front or the back? I am finding it heaps of fun on Nimh and 15t. I'm also glad I bought it with a few scratches, it would be too tempting not to drive it if it was new.
  11. That is great to know! I have seen some vids of them racing in Japan on YT and noticed they don't tend to flip so was thinking there must be some setup that can be done easily to make it work.Good work! I chose them for my kids because of your thread, it's been very helpful, and one of them chose the same color you did because they liked it so much. Please keep up the updates!
  12. They are great first kits for kids. You might race a single class with them, but they are not a race buggy, and fantastic in the back yard or park to get the kids pumped. They'll go for an hour on a 4400, a great grab and bash car in a small package.
  13. I have a Comical Hornet with a 6 yo and a Comical Grasshopper with a 9 yo. I put the big bumper on, and there's scratches everywhere. Only victims are a few of the step screw/hinge pins for the upper arms have come undone and got lost (not broken out). I bought them to bash, and I think they are great for that job!
  14. What's with the 1976 stepside kit, is parts of it used for a Clod or something?
  15. Oh, Radio we use for the kids is GT2e. Single model. I had to get a dad's radio of course! And I got a GT5. I'm impressed. When I raced I spent $700 on an Airtronics M8 and each receiver was like $150. This thing does everything that radio could, and receivers (FS-A3 binds perfectly) are like $10. I was looking at the GT3, but I think the GT5 looks a little more sturdy.
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