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  1. I much prefer the beach lol

  2. Just wanted to say congrat, Tamiyaclub is alot faster now, great job Andy and Admin How is everyone finding it??
  3. Hi ive searched the forum but cant seem to find the answer, is the mad bull pinion the bigger 32p or the smaller 48p, thanks for your help AnGeL
  4. Angel at work in her new job and on TC again tut tut Sorry I forgot to get back to you, you were 100% correct the esc was backwards, I know this from the instructions to the ripmax esc both green and red lights come on in reverse and only red in forward, well green and red are on in forward, it would have been a simple job of pressing the button and re programming it, but.... the button is missing, came like it when I bought the mad bull off ebay ggggrrrrr so there is no way to reset it, the only way I have found is to swap the motor wires around so they are the wrong way which makes the esc correct, Im sure Im losing power from the motor doing this or doing some sort of damage but Ive got no choice at the moment, buying a mtroniks viper ESC and a super stock soon so the other stuff can go in the bin ( trash can,,, garbage can to non uk'ers hahahaha). Ive also heard that this motor may still be a to lower turn as you cant change the gearing It is a blast though with a faster motor. AnGeL
  5. hey thanks for that, do you think these are faster than the venom fireball 21 turn then ?? AnGeL
  6. High, I am planning I getting a slightly higher turn motor to calm my mad bull down abit lol, is the venom fireball 21 turn double going to be alot faster than the 23 turn rz/tz/bz super stock motors, ive heard that the venom fireballs arnt very good but have heard lots of good things about the super stocks, will it be fast enough though, if not whats the best motor, thanks guys and girls. AnGeL
  7. Yes still got the dress for you hahaha forgotten about that, if the DF-02 fit that will be great, are you sure about this before I buy some or theres no dress for you hahahaha x Thanks for your help, Ill check the ESC tomorrow
  8. Hahahaha No way this topic still going, cool Was supposed to be working today but pulled a sicky, bad girl I know but had to take my mad bull out for a run, 17 turn motor, ballraced, crazy fun, drove it up a slide wish I had taken pictures of how big this slide was, it took off like a rocket, all the kids ( and moms) on the park burst out laughing, I sort of thought thats the end of your mad bull babes, what a jump, went so high and so far, really funny, then to see the look on peoples faces, might too as the truggy landed on all four wheels, bounced, landed again and kept on going, no damage, this truggy is a bargain for the enjoyment, Im back down there next week to do it again but armed with a camcorder, hope it goes as well as last time lol AnGeL
  9. Hey everyone, how are you all, been missing for soooooooooo long, sorry people, anyways just bought a Mad Bull, pictures coming soon, took me about an hour to build, not like my msdf03 lol. This really should be a terrible car and at first I suppose it was, not gone mad on hop ups like last time, well cant really theres not much you can do haha, replaced plastic bushing now fully ballraced, replaced motor with 17 Turn motor and ripmax esc, wow what a difference, this has to be said, ive had more fun with this than my bling bling msdf03, maybe because I dont care if it breaks as its really easy to fix, its not broken though, god knows how, I drove it up a slide, did the biggest madest jump ever, should of killed the truggy but it landed perfect and kept on going, the 17 turn motor makes this thing fly, the only problem Im facing now is the shocks are 100% useless, what shocks do I need/ will fit for an upgrade,oh and when the car goes forward from a standing start there is a couple of seconds lag/ delay, what is causing this, its driving me mad, reverse is ok and doesnt lag ?? Thanks for you time, its nice to be back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AnGeL
  10. Me too, but didnt want it to be me haha
  11. Ah yes Mark that maybe the way forward, cheaper too, cheers
  12. Im sure now it was to do with the shell too close to the fan, I did 5 battery runs though out with friends so im sure that didnt help, I have thought about cutting small vents in my shell, as most of you know ive got the dfo3ms same shell as the di anyways, wouldnt cutting small vents make the shell weaker?, im really tempted buying another ezrun, it was great and I was pleased with it until it melted.
  13. Yeah mine came with tamiya connectors
  14. im looking at the 4600kv mamba system, should be fun
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