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  1. Great post.. Maybe the question I have was answered before (for sure), but can someone tell me where can I find a good method to paint the letters of the tires. I tried many ways, but I´m not 100% satisfied. I know this post is about tires, but... this is a tire issue.. thanks.
  2. Great ! I think that the first step is to make a list with the codes. Kyosho Optima : OT-30 (front & Rear) Kyosho Javelin : OT-30 (front & Rear) Kyosho Turbo Optima : OT-66 (front & Rear) Kyosho Optima Pro : OT-66 (front & Rear) Kyosho Salute : OT-66 (front & Rear) Kyosho Optima Mid : OT-66 (front & Rear) Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid : OT-66 (front & Rear) Kysoho Turbo Optima Mid SE : OT-66 (front & Rear) Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid special : W-5034 (Rear) & W-5031 (Front) Kyosho Optima Mid Custom : OT-66 (Rear) W-5033 (Front) Kysho Optima Mid custom Special : OT-66 (Rear) W-5033 (Front) If I don´t make a mistake, this one is the original listing for the tires of each kit.
  3. the pactra is similar to micron line tape, and you can find it in colours.
  4. Belive it or not, sometimes the easy way, is the best way... during this weekend I tried to clean the lexan covers of the optima mid´s belt and I discovered that the alcohol works great to clean the green threadlock without any consequence for the plastic. Also I used to remove the thread lock of the upper plate and it works. Once I finished with the alcohol, I continued with regular dishwashing liquid and the result was great... almost like new without affecting any parts. Bye.
  5. I know that this is about thread lock, but anybody knows how can I do to remove this green kyosho threadlock ? They use it for the optima mid. The usage is to bond the belt cover to the upper deck. I;m restoring an Optima mid custom and I would like to know if I can clean it or if I have to go with a new one Thanks.
  6. Happy new year !!! I found an original manual of the optima mid custom. I'll try to post it in pdf. Regards to all the tamiya club members !!!!
  7. Thanks again !!! From now on, you are my optima reference man !!! Thanks again.
  8. Thanks ! I will use your explantion as reference to begin the restoration. I already have the copy of the mid custom special. Have a happy new year !
  9. I´m looking for this manual, if someones knows where I can get it (digital), please let me know. Kyosho Optima Mid Custom Thanks
  10. Hello everybody. I´m looking for a turbo optima mid, and looking on ebay, I saw that some bids put swb and the other ones put lwb (short & long wheel base) Can somebody explain me the difference to avoid any mistake during my project. Regards Alejandro
  11. Price : 540 usd (shipping cost included) Feel free to ask additional information. thanks.
  12. Thanks for your offer, but I´m looking for other kyosho models or the money. You can find the last one of the three kits I have nib on ebay. The other 2, one goes to Australia, the other one to Hong kong. Regards. Alejandro
  13. Hello, I have an RC10 # 6010 new in box, sealed, never open Box shape is excellent, no fade colors and it still has the original clear nylon to cover the bos. You can see it in my showroom. I start asking 540 usd (shipping cost included), but I will hear offers from Tamiya Club members. You can also find it on ebay. Regards Alejandro
  14. My Wife and I in eurodisney (2007). In that moment, she was my girlfriend.
  15. OK, I know that this is an old post, but after the renewal of my TC membership. I´ll leave my opinion. I read almost every opinions here, and what I can write about me and the collector word is that this hobby brings me the possibility to open my mind a little. I don´t have the huge collections that some of you have, but from the first day that I saw the first Kyosho car I bought (my mother bought me), I feel the necessity to start looking for the models I used to see in the magazines. In my country we never run for example the Optima´s or Sand scorchers or something like that. Here in Argentina we receive only a little quantity of kits from different companies, but I can read about them from the magazines, basically magazines like RC model from Spain, and even when I know that I could not have that models, I dream with them. so in my case, this is why I decide to start with my collection. This is the start point Of course I´m envious of that persons who can say I have 100, 200, 1000 , the complete collection of, etcc... But I don´t understand how can they receive bad mails from other people. We must congratulate them, and we must think that maybe some day the decide to sell them and maybe we can be the owners. This is why it is not a bad thing that a collector decide to sell something. It is a good reason to continue with the collection to know that someone else can have the item we are looking for. Look at the map... I´m almost the unique collector in my country of models that never were sold in my country, so when I said that this hobby open my mind, I want to say that because of it I met people from all over the world : Australia, Canada, USA, France, Belgium, UK, Hong Kong, etc... and I´m very happy with this. I wish to continue with this necessity for a long time. Regards from Argentina, and if you want to collect something from my country or dance the Tango ... let me know Maybe we can make a deal with a forgotten kyosho optima from your basement
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