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  1. was from a company on ebay called captain.hobby. Have cheaked and they only have got a xb sand scorcher now cheers mark
  2. Got one £190 total from HK . With bag and esc Well happy now
  3. how many of you guys get hit for import tax on your hong kong orders cheers mark
  4. Have been keeping a eye on a sandscorcher for £265 and a buggy champ for £200 on ebay
  5. Hi Have just about got the money together to buy a 2010 sandscorcher for a runner. Was looking for the best place and cheapist to buy one from have looked on stellamodels and they are sold out and the uk car seam to be far to much. Just need some idea's and advice Cheers moxy
  6. didnt think it would be to hard to find the parts with the fire dragon rere might get one from ebay as they do look good just dont no if they fit well cheers mark
  7. Hi I need a A5 part for the terra scorcher the part that holds the front arms in place new or used as it is for a runnner cheers mark
  8. Hi any news on when the sand scorcher will be back in stock Thank you
  9. Hi Dont no if anyone has been watching E4 today but there is a advert for a program on sunday 19th Dec at 6:00 pm Called 100 best toys and at the end there is a nice little tamiya hornet so may be a little thing about tamiya on there. Hope so Cheers Mark
  10. Would be gutted to see the lunchbox go as was the first car i got on returning to tamiya and had one as a kid ( secondhand thought ). and do use the terra scorcher alot as is a very good car. But the madcap and boomerang just sit in boxs in the loft and have got a astute runner that just needs building and a couple of parts. Think i will sell the madcap & boomer after xmas and save up the rest cheers mark
  11. Hi Was thinking of getting a sand scorcher 2010 but will need to sell a bit of vintage stuff first? Was going sell a RTR vintage lunchbox new build madcap chassis with second hand body and wing RTR terra scorcher with box And never used vintage boomerang mint condtion Will i get close to scorcher money or just have to save or do with out??
  12. Well can only hope for a astute rere?? But for me tamiya have done all the cars that i had as a kid with the VLB and hornet so not that fussed about the other rere,s as could not afford them then and can not spend £300 on a new kit. (But would like a sand scorcher 2010 very nice ) Do think it is good for people who run there vintage cars and can not afford to spend loads on spare parts and tyres as some parts are just silly money. All cars should be run not sat in a box. Just like keeping a bird in a cage its just not right
  13. An astute as i need some rear wheels and tyres and a set of C-parts
  14. Hi James I agree with 30cms use a new tamiya esc and ditch the old msc they are only good for a shelf queen. And where pain to use back in there day Parts are easy to find on ebay etc which helps when the car is a runner and all you need is a vintage lunchbox now. Might be worth getting a rere manual to help with stripping and repairs. Cheers Mark
  15. Glad i am not the only one who does LOL For a £1 you can not go wrong but if you start looking on ebay some go for big money
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