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  1. Hi Bromvw, These are what they look like, and yes they are machine screws and part threaded. http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn190/a...pscrew3x8mm.jpg Super sized pic: http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn190/a...mmstepscrew.jpg Cheers, Alan
  2. Hi All, Would anyone have a spare D2/ BD2 screw? It's one of the two screws which hold the front upright steering knuckle? I don't want to buy the whole bag (screw bag D) I am more than happy to pay for the screw and the postage if anyone out there has one. Cheers, Alan
  3. Alski


    Thanks for this, I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on. Cheers Not sure about this but can I use 27/40 MHZ ACOMS RECEIVER AND CONTROLLER to replace the radio gear on my frog, so I would be using a new reciever and transmitter, would I still be able to plug in my steering servo into a 40mhz reciever and get my frog working again?I am not sure about all this new tech, as my first model car had a 3 step speed controller lol. Please pm me. Cheers, Alan
  4. Alski


    Hi All, I run the new released Tamiya frog, i have had it for around 2 yrs now, my wife got it me for Crimbo one year. I use it on the beach where I live close to, had to get rid of the teu 101 esp it came with as it got a little wet and stopped working. i am now running a mtroniks eco27 which is excellent as it's water proof, I ran it the other day and was loving the wet sand, after 10mins it stopped again, I now have the prob of a wet reciever and now that's stopped working. Would anyone have a used, but fully working DR-224 that they could sell me. My radio is the Acoms 2.4ghz unit. If there is anyone out there who has one they want to sell please pm me. Cheers, Alan
  5. Alski


    So one of these Mtroniks Viper ECO 27 Fwd/Rev Speed Controller 22.24 off ebay? Are they for boats? Sorry to sound thick but I'm still very new to all this new esc's and stuff. What does the turn mean? As in 15T and 18T or even 27T? something to do with current drain or type of motor? They easy to set up? give me an old skool 3 step mechanical plug and play speed controller any day
  6. Alski


    I'm not too bothered about the braking, as long as I have a reverse.
  7. Alski


    How about one of these: Mtroniks Viper ECO 27 Fwd/Rev Speed Controller 22.24 off ebay?
  8. Alski


    I know we both laughed at the end of it all, but I don't like to wind up or offend people
  9. Alski


    How much they start at? I don't want to spend too much as my wife complains that I spend too much on mods on my smart car
  10. Alski


    Of course Angel wings I'm part of the Smart car forums too and a lady took it the wrong way when I asked would she be doing the mods for her smartie or her bloke, Well to cut a long story short, I aploygised and we're both friends now
  11. Alski


    Many thanks for this, Yep I encountered the cutting out problem when it was a bit wet, but I'll have a play later and strip down the esc and all connections and check out the mini receiver too. If it doesn't fix it I might go and get another esc, I've seen the nosram Hawk Power Reverse Over 18T at 25.99 at Extreme rc just down the road from me in Walmer in Kent and get the teu-101bk repaired, would you know of anywhere who reapairs these esc's as I've been told that the fets go on them if wet? I'll let you guys and girls know how I get on tomorrow when I've hopefully fixed it tonight, but I doubt that I will Thanks again
  12. Alski


    Many thanks for the link, I'm sure that it'll be an easy fix, I'll try later when I'm back from work. I used live in Nottingham, lived there for 11 yrs, sold and moved to Kent in September 07. Great night life and great city too
  13. Alski


    Hi, Thanks for getting back to me, I can only assume that the problem will be slight water damage, What would the fets look like on the esc? and how can I make sure that the problem is this? I'd like to think that it'll be a easy fix, but these things never are. Cheers again.
  14. Hello, I'm new here so please be gentle. I used to run the original Hornet, Bigwig and hotshot many moons ago but all running the mechanical 3 step speed controllers. My wife bought me the reissued frog the the teu-101bk esc and I've built and ran it 4 times, mostly ran on gravel, grass and tarmac. I live by the coast in Herne Bay Kent and I've alway wanted to run it on wet sand and amongst seaweed. Since then I've encountered problems, both of my 3500 packs are fully charged, but the car seems to run a couple of inches and then stops and the red led flashes, I've dried out the esc and removed all sand from circuit board from the esc but still no joy, the circuit board on the esc seems ok and I've cleaned all connections including the esc and the reciever components. I using the Acom 2.4ghz pistol controller. Please advise, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Alan
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