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  1. skinned

    Help With ReRe Egress equipment

    go with a brushless motor...less maintenance....maybe the esc and motor Im going to say are a little pricey ….a tekin rs gen2 spec ESC and any 17.5 or 13.5 motor will be fast enough I think..
  2. if I was to buy it ..I would want the shell unpainted..
  3. skinned

    Recommendations on Re-re

    so you never had a srb?...what about the sand scorcher?..and it looks like you into about the scorpion?
  5. skinned

    Avante 2011 -Really love this car

    just seen this in the Tamiya December 2018 new releases page.
  6. skinned

    Subaru front wheel axles problem

    im assuming it is the Subaru brat...frog chassis
  7. skinned

    Subaru front wheel axles problem

    pretty sure it was red 271
  8. skinned

    Subaru front wheel axles problem

    i had the same problem... I used loc tite…. it is the only solution
  9. this is so cool...are there any other similar videos like just sucks I did not see a sand scorcher In this video :(
  10. for $235.00 you can get the novafox all day in the u.s.a.
  11. skinned

    Supreme Tamiya Hornet

    anyone see where you can purchase this yet?.... link?
  12. skinned

    Short Course Trucks - Recommendations?

    get a sc6.1
  13. skinned

    Supreme Tamiya Hornet

    this will be available august 20 2018...don't look very special to me except for the paint job..and having no bearing might keep the price a lillte if they hooked it up with some oil filled front shocks or something...that would be special.
  14. skinned

    Grasshopper #2

    are there any other oil filled front shock options that will bolt right up?
  15. skinned

    Timing on Brushless

    you need like a motor analyzer to get the "sweet spot" on timing..but that's for racing...I usually just crank the timing almost maxed out..depending on gearing if it gets too hot...turn the timing down...