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  1. Is say lunchbox... Or the Bigfoot mentioned above as I have seen both in action..the Bigfoot is fast..12t right out of the box ...comes with a wheelie bar..
  2. Tell him to get a hot shot and throw the instructions away ....
  3. This? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carson-13668-Aluminum-Battery-Holder-f-Tamiya-Mad-Fighter-Mad-Bull-DT-01/303511131793?hash=item46aaac5691:g:XIsAAOSwM9VeZ54b&redirect=mobile
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-58583-Egress-2013-9804649-19804649-Front-Damper-Cylinder-Cap-2-Pcs/293463324111?hash=item4453c6f5cf:g:2-cAAOSw8aBdAkRf&redirect=mobile You want these?
  5. Yes.I've seen this in a xb frog....whole trans needed new gears...was watching it being driven.....and when he gassed it..it was making a clicking sound......when the trans got ripped apart...looked just like aluminum paste...
  6. Pretty sure I did white proline bumper one in 1985-86 with rit dye...
  7. Battery....nicad..NIMH...LIPO...ECT...
  8. Tower and/or amain always has them...justed checked..still there now...
  9. Deans..I race with them...little thing I do is put the tip of a small screwdriver or Allen wrench underneath the thin spring connector and bend it to make it more secure 😁
  10. Have her get another job and by yourself another kit to build while she's at work...
  11. Holiday buggy and sand rover were pretty simple to build....
  12. I hope everyone gets a Tamiya kit this christmas!!!
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