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  1. Deans..I race with them...little thing I do is put the tip of a small screwdriver or Allen wrench underneath the thin spring connector and bend it to make it more secure 😁
  2. Have her get another job and by yourself another kit to build while she's at work...
  3. Holiday buggy and sand rover were pretty simple to build....
  4. I hope everyone gets a Tamiya kit this christmas!!!
  5. Do it...I want one for a shelver... I think they look cool...
  6. I've read the early grasshopper chassis's said off-roader in the front.... but I've never seen one before...
  7. a rere Ford ranger f150 xlt would be kinda nice...
  8. skinned


    Is it a sand scorcher or a frog?
  9. Sc6.1 or Losi 22..trinity 17.5 motor ... Then race either rookie or stock class..shelf queen the rc10
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