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  1. I'll say they made 7000 rere fighting buggys..the first time around..
  2. Add a stiffer chassis to the list...
  3. aw man...I used to drool all over the bruiser in the catalog at the hobby store.....
  4. Sounds like a bad sensor wire to me...or....no sensor wire
  5. I'm always a nervous wreck when ordering from rcmart..constantly starring at the trackin sitting in Chicago international for 8-10 days
  6. Frog.....punky brewster had one.....everybody had to be like punky.
  7. Yes..I have...13.5 brushless all day long..spins the tires alot...if I had some hornet rear tires...it would be better.....now I broke the body and I'm thinking I need to retire it....lol
  8. Yep...still available...I don't own one but...you would think any cc-01 would do good in the grass.
  9. I need some rear tires...the original ones are hard to find..I think I'm looking for a 2.2 rear tire?....let say for example proline 2.2 rear buggy tires should work...right? Thanks
  10. My holiday buggy goes thru grass great....my brat did good too...
  11. 2s.....and either a 17.5 or a 13.5 will be plenty..
  12. Red loc tite...happens all the time.
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