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  1. Hey, you never know. His prices are in USD, so if the pound/euro are still doing well then you actually end up paying a bit less then we Yanks do PM me if something comes up and you have the financial room. If not now, anytime. Danny
  2. Rob whats up bro? Yeah, he can do anything you want, but realistic is his cup of tea. If you want a crazy paint job for your buggy, I have another guy that is priced right and will make your lid look great. I spent alot of time geting to know painters over the past few months, so PM me with what you think you want and I'll try to match you to the painter who I know will do it right. Every painter has his/her own style. Also, PLEASE do not buy anything from "RCBODZ." He used to be a great painter who did covers for magazines and now is the biggest R/C scammer around. He sells on ebay so thats why I'm putting this out there. Guys dont be shy... PM me if you have any questions. You can also call me @ 646 401 2683 if you arent as computer savy at trying to explain what you want.
  3. HPI Super size touring car wheels (31mm) with HPI vintage slicks is a good choice. Any Sedan 1/10 wheel will have slick options, just check on the offset.
  4. I'm not sure Mark knows that Hummer's (not the H1) generally have the license plate in the rear spare. In Australia they would change that in a second lol. Too bad the hard bodies are so easily scratched so make this one a shelfer. Looks great though!
  5. I just took another look at the pictures I posted and take a look at the white Camaro with rally stripes. Notice the flat black roof that is meant to mimmic a Vinyl top? That was painted on the outside. He would shoot a couple coats of clear to keep the detail and to give a protective finish. The ONLY thing he does not do on a usual basis is rust, or faux body imperfections for the scale crawler guys. I'd say because I know he does not do that often, you might want to do that stuff yourself. I will only suggest things I know 100% for sure because it is my reputation at stake here.
  6. I'll try to get one for you. He also paints 1:1 cars so he is used to any surface really. I am 99% sure that I am going to have him (Chris) paint ghost flames on my 1:1 Corvette. I just need to figure out 100% if I want paintwork at all on my car, not the choice of painter. He also paints mini-Z bodies which are really hard because they are so tiny.
  7. Yeah he is very good, I am VERY picky about how my things look. Thats why I stopped painting myself lol. When he first did my Revo body I paid $100.00 including the body, so figure $70.00 for the paint work. This is a fantastic deal and if we get enough people I'm going to do another Slash body in the vintage GT-40 egg shell blue/ orange gulf theme. I can post a few more pictures if people need some more motivation
  8. Personally, I like the keen hawk shell. I also personally like the top air scoop if you cut a functional hole in it to match the shape. It is low slung, and very nicely shaped IMHO.
  9. Awesome job. Looks great man.
  10. Ok so here is the list of people 100% interested. Will be updated when I get contacted. 1.ME 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ----------------------------minimum--------------------------- 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  11. Hey guys been a little while since I posted here on a daily basis but I appreciate all the help that was given to me. I began with 2 Tamiya 4wd buggies about 6 months ago after leaving the hobby for 18+ years and now have 13 runners electric and nitro. I'll get another Tamiya again, but right now I'm back into this hobby more then I ever have been. So, I have met a local painter who is working on my Slash body right now (he did my Revo) and he is right up your alley. He specializes in realistic scale painting and is an absolute R/C enthusiast, not just some guy who had nothing better to do with his time. All his bodies are done with 100% paint, and no stickers. I was speaking to him over the past couple of days and convinced him to offer a group buy for you guys. Here is the deal: 10-15 people =$40.00 USD for a realistic painted shell with scale details and trim.(+ body if you dont have one + shipping) 10-15 people =$45.00 USD for race numbers or logos if you want a race car scheme vintage or modern(same as above) If you want more work then that please contact me for pricing. All logos are painted unless you specify that you rather have stickers. He does lexan, resin, and "abs". 15+.well lets start with the first 15 and go from there. Here are some pictures just to sample his work. Please PM me or email me @ Art4mdesign@aol.com. I DO -not- have any financial tie to this at all. Once set up you pay CHRIS the painter, not me. His normal prices begin at $60.00+. Lets begin here and see where it takes us. Maybe Terry SC will get one done up nice or Twin set. I hope this is enough for the great help I have recieved here on TC. Thanks guys.
  12. I'm looking for some 12mm hex wheels to retrofit to my Losi mini LST2 that have a 1/2 offset to widen the stance. I was looking at some of the 31mm wide 2 piece Tamiya touring car wheels but they still seem skinny. I can run buggy tires but I dont want to overheat my brushless motor just because I have to push around huge wheels. Any brand, links, pics, anything? Anything over a 2.2 buggy (like MT)will be too big as far as circumference.
  13. careful, the diffs are fragile. Very fragile.
  14. I own a Savage XL, a Revo 3.3 and before those, had a brushless DF03 just like you. Brushless monster trucks are a HUGE initial investment if you want to go brushless. The new Savage FLUX is brushless and will run you $600.00 for the truck, another $400 in 2 Lipo batteries. That is just basic expense. Nitro fuel is not that expensive IMO, and I loveeeeee the run times, the sound of the engine, and my revo 3.3 can run with any brushless after a few basic mods. Go Nitro and experience a new chapter of the hobby that I think is awesome. Here are some pics of my Revo and my buddy's Savage in the freezing NY winter You gotta see the abuse these trucks take and how 15 foot jumps seem easyyyyyy.... thats my Revo in flight off an 6 foot dirt mound Childs play cokmpared to how I launch it off my ramp and give it huge double back flips. Fun times my friend.
  15. If any one remembers my former df03, I used mesh on the sides and center scoop on my keen hawk body which would work for your DI body
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