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  1. Thank you and the highest bidder understood the reasoning for cancellation and is still going to receive the ford.
  2. Thank you for good advice T.N ebay / PayPal to me are relics from the dotcom and last century. I am finished with both of them
  3. Yep left eBay and PayPal after 15 years Anyone know of a recent ford ranger nib sale?
  4. sorry I am cancelling it as ebay and paypal together are screwing me for 18% which means after holding this things for twelve years I make a loss. Ebay and Paypal accounts closed. They even charged me 4% for having a reserve.!!!!! I am out of pocket 40 euros for new packaging and boxes and tape, I most likely have to pay 122 euros for reserve price fee for the 4 now unsold items...but I will be rid of ebay and paypal...paypal seems *******ing stupid now in times of swish, monzo, fintechs.. Sorry to the buyers thou very sorry.
  5. yep svenb, it was not the best price...probably the most expensive frog ever bought in dollars but exchange rates have been kind for GBP and the reserve reflects this.
  6. will let the auctions run unless it seems a last minute thing and or reserves are not met, then I will end them..simple. Reserves are the prices I bought them off Jason Store in 2005 plus the cost of original packaging, not prepared to make loss on them after being custodian of them for over a decade. Maybe unrealistic but that is how I am selling them all, the Frog cost me exactly 793 dollars in 10 June 2005
  7. Tamyia Ebay yard Sale Ebay Vintage Sale of NIB Hotshot, TheFrog, SuperChamp and Ford Ranger
  8. Morning All, Just a quick plug for my current ebay Vintage tamiya sales. Thanks for your interest. Great condtion Ford F150 NIB: Plus a vintage NIB Frog and vintage NIB Hotshot: http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/georgejeffcock
  9. Shameless plug of my pride and joy up for sale on ebay. Not to sure if this is the best way to sell but needs must. Item number: 120284843906 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VINTAGE-TAMIYA-1-10-...p3286.m14.l1318
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