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  1. It is the knight hauler truck and it only start glitching from about 10 meters when it standing still its fine
  2. Hi Mud I have the standard servo that came with the remote Futaba Affack 4wd in the truck.I dont know what to do anymore
  3. Hi All It looks like my MFU causes the glitching can this be repaired by any chance. Andries
  4. andriesb


    Hi Mouton My truck was working fine for about a week and then all of a sudden start glitching,I have the Futaba Attack 4wd Transmitter and I have done what I could removing wires away from receiver test test the crystels and etc,but still have the same problem. Andries
  5. andriesb


    Hi All Can the MFU(56511) cause Glitching. Andries
  6. Hi All I am having problems with my Radio from about 10 meters the truck(Knight Hauler goes different directions like if there is interference on the radio and Receiver,It is the Futaba Atttack 4WD and I have the MFU in the truck aswell. This radio and MFU and truck is a week old and was bought brand new and was builded by myself Help would be highly apprecaited Thank you in Advance Andries
  7. Hi Guys My first new build truck. Knight Hauler Box Trailer MFU (56511) Waiting for Trailer lights and Legs To build truck and trailer it took me +- 25hours Colour of truck Semi Gloss Black See Picture's Let me know what you think
  8. Hi Guys Can ypu switch yor light on from the remote I have seen some videos on Youtube but I dont know how.If so can some one please help and explain how.. Andries
  9. Hi Guys I need some help,how do I paint the small front white lights on the mini cooper as I want to make it the same colours blue with the white roof and black fenders and silver grill but the front round lights are also white but to small to spray,any advice Andries
  10. Hi Stuart Sorry to ask so much but just check this link below this is the remote that I bought. http://www.etamiya.com/shop/futaba-4vwd-4w...nks-p-6994.html
  11. Guys I know I have ask this question before but see link below,will this work on my Knight Hauler and Multifunction Unit,i see on some other Forums they said I must make sure to get the Radio with Analog trims and not Digital and the one I got is Digital. Will this one work to do all on the MFU http://www.futaba-rc.com/radios/futj45.html Andries
  12. Great!! thanks Stuart and thanks all involved Andries
  13. Thanks Stefan and the Remote will that be fine for the truck and multifunction box and trailer
  14. Hi All Need some advise here please,I am in South Africa and busy buying the following from Hong Kong Tamiya Truck Knight Hauler(56314) Multifunction Control Unit(56511) Tamiya Semi Trailer(56302) Futaba(4vwd/4wd/4gwd) 4 channel AM/2 with S3003 servos MHz. Will this mentioned remote work on this truck and Multifunction Unit and do I need to get a Speed Control as well. Your input would be highly appreciated here and is there anything else that I need or didn't mention.
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