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  1. The only "fact" I (maybe) was wrong about was Kyosho destroying their old tooling, which actually was secondary to my main point, that everything was re-designed. I have never claimed to "know" anything, I merely dropped hints that I had pieced together, eg the pictures above. I could add more, but I won't out of respect for others. No one asked me to provide anything, or be more concrete. But since you brought that up, I gave you the photos above. Again, I never claimed to have any secret inside information. Like you I made a prediction, but I based it on watching details from various places, as well as conversations, not just pure speculation. By piecing together all information I had gathered for months, I concluded on December 31st (new years eve) that the Optima was very close to a rerelease. If you can't accept that others take different approaches to this prediction/guessing game than yourself, your're the perfect example of the elitist culture I mentioned before. Once again, I never claimed to have any secret inside information, I just pieced together whatever was out there, and if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Some answer in riddles, some with a smile, and some with a "thi-hi-hi". You can actually learn much from observing people and their responses, even in the response itself is not revealing. If you know that 100 + X should be 150, then you'll know what X is. Elitist statement, again. But don't worry people, I have deleted most of my posts, back to 2011. Just in case they should bother anyone.
  2. July 2015 in a design office August 2015 in a design office December 2015 in a design office Sometimes it's all about paying attention, and not how many post you have made or where you have worked.
  3. ....and I was trying to close the discussion in a thread that obviously was wrong. Trying to conclude it for new people who find it, and could be confused if it was the Ultima or Optima that was re-released. But you Sir, kept deleting that last post, keeping it hanging in the air.
  4. There's an elitist attitude around here, that I don't like. The total number of posts one have achieved decides if you're right or wrong, and what you can say/do. This is not a friendly forum, unless you obey and accept you are wrong, even if your're right.
  5. By piecing together things I now hear and see from various solid sources, my bet are still on the Optima for the next re-release from Kyosho. At least now I'm 100% sure they are currently working on the re-design* of the Optima chassis. They could, of course, already have finished re-designing the Ultima, and they're now working on the Optima for re-release AFTER that, but I have not seen any sorts of evidence of that from those same sources. The only place I have heard about the Ultima being the next one up, is in this thread. When it comes to the Optima, on the other hand..... *When I say re-design, it's because some of the oldest Kyoshos (at least the Circuit 1000 series) were designed with pen and paper, while the "Legendary Series" of re-release are being re-designed in Solidworks 3D CAD, by the same designer who drew them by hand 30 years ago. Also the fact that Kyosho have destroyed all their old manufacturing equipment like moulds etc, calls for a re-design of everything.
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