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  1. Finman

    Educate me GH2 please!

    Glad you are pleased with it. The wheels are the white Wild One's. The idea behind the project was to be a green special (like the limited edition grasshopper '1') super g, hence the cva shocks.
  2. Finman

    For Sale: Grasshopper 2 Parts

    PM sent. Rich
  3. Another project and parts I've decided to sell. The Grasshopper 2 project comes with front and rear black cva shocks, rear shock mount from the Super Hornet,CRP front bumper (was going to dye it black), primed vintage body shell, set of vintage decals, Wild One Wheels with Super Hornet front tyres and Super Hotshot Rear tyres, Dirt tuned motor, clear gearbox/pinion cover, heavy duty steering kit and bearings throughout. £45 posted UK will ship overseas ask for postage. SOLD NIB Vintage Grasshopper body shell with instruction sheet, decals (one set) and driver. £25 posted UK will ship overseas ask for postage. Ampro (Shapeways) Grasshopper 2 Double Wishbone Front End. £25 posted UK will ship overseas ask for postage. Any questions or more photos let me know. Rich
  4. Finman

    SOLD: 'All metal' Frog

    Decided to sell some projects on and concentrate on my SRB projects. This one I called 'All metal' Frog - Chrome orv chassis (A parts) .50 Caliber metal trailing arms .50 Caliber metal front suspension arms Junfac front and rear shock mounts Hi Cap front and rear shocks CRP nerf wing CRP front bumper Tamiya universal shaft set Tamiya red Mad Fighter Wheels with Super Hornet front tyres and Super Gripper rears Looking for £125 posted UK. Any questions please ask. Rich
  5. Two NIP Dyna Storm Damper Cylinders (2), one pack opened, SOLD Two NIP Dyna Storm Y parts SOLD Complete Bush Devil C Parts £15 posted UK/ Will posted overseas, would need to confirm postage. Will post up some photos shortly. Rich
  6. Hi LJT III Let me check, I think I have a spare - may even be one of Kev the Rev's custom one's. Where about's in the world are you? Rich
  7. I don't believe the Rough Rider body post will fit the Super Champ servo saver, I use a Super Champ Body post (vintage/rere/or remade) with the vintage Sand Scorcher mount. The Sand Scorcher mount has a small grub screw that is tightened on the Super Champ body post. Rich Twinset beat me to it!!
  8. Finman

    Turnip restores a Sand Scorcher for Grumpy pants

    It will work, does the NIP Super Champ servo saver include the the body post for a Super Champ if not you will need one. If the Sand Scorcher is a re-re you will also need the old style front body post to go over the Super Champ body post.
  9. Finman

    Another Sand Scorcher Build Up

    The shock length is 70mm. Don't think you can fit anything longer using the stock mounts, although you could get extensions from crp or rch as in one of Shodogs cars.
  10. Finman

    Vintage SRB Diffs

    Link to the Nodis diff in the resource section. Rich
  11. Finman

    Ford F150 Ranger XLT 58027

    The compression spring is for the cam-locks that hold down the radio box lid. I think that the Ranger rear wheels and Brat rear wheels are all the same, it was the early fronts that had a greater offset. Rich
  12. It's the Super Champ re-release, the Fighting Buggy.
  13. Hi, Help, I'm after two pairs of JConcepts Double Dee 1.7 can't locate any ! Let me know if you have any you want to part with or anywhere selling them. Thanks Rich
  14. Similar to me £42.15 (ouch) was for two sets though. So yes will be struggling to support MIP with additional charges like these.
  15. Emailed earlier, got a reply "They will begin shipping tomorrow, we received the out-drives that we were waiting on." So fingers crossed