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  1. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=100743 Here are pics for those that want to laugh at my misfortune:)
  2. Correctomondo Willy. I just read the manual again and the overheat protection is for the ESC only. SO . . . .Motor has cooked which caused it to cook last week and this week, I connect the battery, the motor has shorted and it cooks the ESC. Job Done!! Lesson Learned the hard but cheaper Ezrun way. Can I ask if the Lipo would still be ok to use if the motor has shorted and taken the ESC with it?? Cheers. Luke.
  3. Been too scared to look at it anymore:) I will sort some out later and post them .
  4. As you can tell from the title, I had a bit of a mishap at the weekend. Previous weekend I had been using the car around a carpark. it is a TA04 with Ezrun 60a ESC and 5.5t motor running 7.4v 2s lipo 3200MAH. The car is geared 112/49 I believe. I had it set as this for speed runs and nothing else really. I had set the thermal cutoff on the ESC to protect the motor and this has cut in a couple of times, especially on hot days. I have always checked the ESC temp at five minute stages to check it isnt getting too hot and I have always been able to hold my fingers on it so it hasnt ever got that hot. Anyhow, back to the story. Last weekend I ran the car in a local car park and the thermal shotdown cut in for the motor and so I turned the car off and checked the ESC, temp ok and then the motor. The motor was red hot, almost as if the thermal shutoff had failed. I left the car to cool down and havent used it till this weekend. I went out with it and within two seconds of switching it on, there was a shortage of power and lots of stuttering. Then the car went up in blaze of glory with smoke and fire and a new LIPO battery inside. First off, I chucked the car into the road and left it to burn as I decided it would be dangerous to approach it. But after about five seconds the fire subsided enough that I could get a look into the car and see that it was the ESC alight. I quickly removed the body pins and blew the fire out and then removed the lipo. It had scorch marks on the hard outer shell but luckily looks ok. Body and chassis are ok too with only a little smoke damage. The ESC is gone and I think that the fire subsided due to the solder melting and the battery connections coming away from the ESC itself!! Could have been a lot worse but I want to learn from this mistake and find out exactly what I did wrong that caused this to happen. The sooner I learn from this then the sooner I can modify my TA04 to stop this happening again.
  5. Ok. SO thinking long and hard about what I want and having a **** good read through various posts and wroking on my jargon a bit so that I know what all the charge and discharge info. means, I have decided on a Fusion Elysium LX60B Pro. Not too much to buy, has a 6A charge rating that I think will last me a fair while as I only have the funds neccessary to buy Lipos at around 3000mah rating. It also appears to have a decent balancer whereas as few people have already mentioned that the cheaper balance chargers are not so good at balancing. . . . . Just before I go ahead, I have been looking for reviews on this charger but cant find any. I would like a few reviews before taking the final plunge so does anyone know of someone or anywhere that I can find a review on this?? Thanks. Luke. I will get there!!
  6. What does the low resolution in its voltage detection mean?? That it isnt very good at detecting correct voltages. Also the 5s/5a scenario? Is this a bad thing? Is 5s the number of cells and 5a relating to charge time?? I am quite handy but would prefer to buy a good charger and be happy that I am future proofing myself. What about a Graupner 14 Ultramat Plus? I have a Graupner 14 Ultramat charger and am wondering if this is a good charger and worth using with an attached balancer The Ultramat plus is about ninety quid which seems alot to spend if I already have the same unit minus the balancer/discharger
  7. Looking at the bay, there are a lot of Imax B6 chargers on there. Are these any good?? Has anyone any experience with them?? If these are not particularly good, then can I have some suggestions for chargers around the forty quid mark? Will I get a decent charger for forty quid? Thanks. Luke.
  8. Can I not just use a Balancer to balance the Lipo after each run and then charge as normal on my Graupner Ultramat 14 charger without balancing on the fly?? I am aware that my charger does not have the balancing funtionality! Sorry if this is a noob question and a stupid thing to ask, but I am aware that all the info I can ascertain with regards to Lipo now will save me problems later:). How much is just the balancer and is it cheaper than buying a new balance charging unit, if I already have a Lipo capable charger? I am set on the Yeah Racing 3200 20C packs but want to have the necessaries for when they arrive. Thanks again.....and again....and again;) Luke. I was looking at the Etronix Battery Doctor discharger/balancer. It is about 26quid at the cheapest. Could this be used in conjunction with my Graupner Ultramat ok??
  9. I like the Lipo batteries but I was looking for a Balancer as a standalone to sit between my Graupner Ultramat 14 charger and my new Lipos. I like the idea of a newer charger but not at the moment. Thanks for your help so far. Luke.
  10. Great!! It is actually real funny that you stated those as I was just looking at those and thinking what a great price they are. Can I ask what you do to maintain them? Do I need a balancer from the outset etc etc? There are a lot of varied opinions on this forum as to what is right and wrong so it is a bit difficult to get a balanced opinion on the correct state of play with regards to these! Thanks . Luke
  11. Ok. I know I wasnt looking at Lipo in my original post and thanks for all the help in discussing Nimhs. But having a look at Nimhs and Lipo, there isnt such a big gap price wise as I remember it and reading through the forums, it appears there are both Lipo and Nimh horror stories that one doesnt seem any more dangerous than the other!! So my next question is this. I have two cars, A Ta02 F150 racing truck with EZrun 9t 35AESC and a TA04 with EZrun 5.5t 60A ESC. Dean Connections on everything and a Graupner Charger, Ultramat 14. Do I need a balancer or does the Graupner have built in?? And I am looking at a budget of around fifty quid for two batteries. Suggestions please? Thanks. Luke
  12. I was aware that all products use Lipo batteries of some sort - I am a Laptop Engineer by trade:)! It is due to this job though that I have seen the remnants left behind by Lipo batteries gone wrong. Hence the reason why I am not highly convinced that I want to go that route. The batteries I use dont ever seem to get near the 3800MaH rating. More like 2400 if I am lucky. You are probably right Butler!! My are in a Lime greenish Casing from Model Power. They are 3700 7.2v and have a 30amp discharge rating. I am not aware as to whether these are good batteries as I havent bought any others before. I have a Graupner charger so I do not see that being the problem Butler - I have been looking at the Team Orion Rocket packs. Although they are expensive, they seem to have a high discharge which will stop the stuttering I get sometimes under load. eg hard acceleration from standing. . .
  13. Problem with Li-Po is that they advise to not leave them alone when charging. I have an extremely small house and two very small children and I dont like the idea of having those things charging wth my littluns about. It is for this reason that I would rather stick to Nimhs for the moment as I understand them better plus they are cheaper and I am on a budget (children have a lot to answer for:) )
  14. Evening people. I have a TA-04 with an EZrun 5.5t setup in it and I am after some new Nimhs for running. I have a couple of 7.2 3800mah for it but they dont last long enough, around ten minutes. I would like something that would run longer periods of time than that if possible. Thing is; there are so many packs available, I dont know where to start! Also, are 5000mah packs worth the extra over, say 4500Mah packs?? Also, will a different discharge rate cause a huge difference in speed,acceleration etc etc?? So many questions? So, I throw this over to the persons who can help me decide on what I need - The lovely Tamiyaclub members. Thanks in advance! Luke. P.S I would like as cheap as possible or would this be deemed a false economy??
  15. Title say it all really!! I am after both White wheel nuts and 4 x Michelin tyre decals ( Wondered whether some one may have a spare set of a cut sheet?? ) If anyone has either of these or knows a site where I can get them, I would be extremely Grateful!! Many thanks. Luke.
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