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  1. Yes, although it's a very different vehicle to drive once you run it on those huge ballon tyres... it also loses a lot of the scale appearance - which I imagine is what a lot of people are after? Jx
  2. Hi Mcvwuk - sorry, I only just noticed your follow-up question... as I say, it was a while ago now (and the car I subsequent sold before I moved), and while I didn't ever get the opportunity to make a direct comparison with a regular SRB chassis'd Beetle, I was more than happy with the way the rear end of the ORV performed - it's more plush (and longer travel) than an SRB wish-bone set up, and coupled with the rear diff would do a pretty decent job... As you've seen from that thread, I was never all that impressed with the ORV front suspension - the wide track meant it gripped well enough, but the whole set-up seemed to have a lot of play and 'rattled' more than I'd have liked - which is one reason I swapped the whole front end for the SRB suspension in the end - that and the looks of course! So yes, ultimately the combination of the ORV rear end and SRB front end meant the whole car was now on trailing arm suspension, which I felt worked really well over a variety of terrain. Should you wish, you can easily widen the SRB front track width a touch too, which is something I did with a subsequent SRB based build the 2-seater SRB Cage Racer... now that really is fun, and not something I'm planning on ever selling! Have fun whatever direction you decide to go in! Jenny x
  3. Hee hee - you know it! - the pumpkin patch really gives it away of course ;o) Jx
  4. Congratulations! - You are on a roll my friend! Jx
  5. Deadmeat, Superluminal and Turnip - you are all correct! Have a purple emoji! ...and another easy one: Jx
  6. No, although actually that would have been pretty good too! Jx
  7. Congratulations - have another! Jx
  8. No, but you're getting much closer... go back to your original guess and start to combine them... Jx
  9. Also... I'll just 'leave' this here... Jx
  10. Ha, no... you're sort of getting there though... clue - it's not a Tamiya. Jx
  11. Oh I like this... CC-02 Jx
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