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  1. Huggable

    1/14 Tamiya Scania R340

    Strange, the link was automatically embeded as a flash animation. I've pasted the link to one of the pictures below, you can copy paste into your browser, and go through the pictures!
  2. Huggable

    1/14 Tamiya Scania R340

    Thanks backtomyroots. Yes, it has the SLU installed. The demo video I've done was using the same chassis. We just had a meet up yesterday in Singapore. You can check out some pictures below:
  3. Huggable

    1/14 Tamiya Scania R340

    Thanks! Yeah the size/shape takes a little getting used to. Feel free to share your P-model truck too!
  4. Huggable

    The Truck Faq

    To add, the Scania R470 comes in the chrome metallic version too.
  5. Huggable

    1/14 Tamiya Scania R340

    One step closer... Now I need an Esso fuel tanker trailer.
  6. Huggable

    MFU Alternative

    Err, I've not done any vids on the Tamiya MFU with DX6i, R32 has posted a video on that (in youtube).
  7. Huggable

    1/14 Tamiya Scania R340

    Thanks! The side intakes were cut into 5 pieces each, with 2 pieces discarded. Lots of work to trim them to fit! My group showcased 2 units of P-cab earlier today, will share pictures when they are ready.
  8. After having built a few Scania R470/620s, I've decided to make a P340/380. The main difference between the R and P series in the cabin height, the R-cab, (being the premium body) is taller and offers more comfort and space. I've modified an existing R-cab to a P-cab, and converted it to a low-roof. Main visual difference is at the upper front grill. The R-cab has 3 rows of horizontal ventilation, while the P-cab has only 2 rows. Showing the 2 trucks side-by-side:
  9. Huggable

    MFU Alternative

    Hi Skottoman, Yes, I'm from Singapore. I'm pretty active in the local R/C Trucking scene, but had been playing with buggies, and cars earlier. In fact I had been a quiet reader all these years, looking up resources on vintage buggies. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  10. Huggable

    how to use 2.4Ghz with Tamiya MFU

    Hi Skottoman, you can do the normal range for the throttle and steering. Only do a 75% throw for the movements required for special functions (ie, left stick -left & right, right stick -up & down). As VTR pointed out, the only radio that doesn't work with the MFU is the 4YF, it seems.
  11. Huggable

    Scania R470 RHD conversion

    Nice conversion of the dashboard! Will you be converting the wipers to RHD-type too?
  12. Huggable

    how to use 2.4Ghz with Tamiya MFU

    Just need to understand the underlying design concept of the MFU. In the analog days, Tamiya used the trims to "overdrive" the servo positions (beyond their normal range) to activate the special functions. If you don't wish to use dual rates in the digital tx/rx, just don't throw the sticks to their limits during the calibration of the MFU. When you want to activate the special functions, then push the sticks to the limit. It's actually very simple, and you're instinctively get used to it very soon. With that you don't have to be bothered about flipping switches, and dual rates at all.
  13. Huggable

    MFU Alternative

    Here's a video I've done showing the functions. Yes, the police siren is an interesting feature.