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  1. @toyolien Thank you for taking the time out and looking, appreciated very much. Have sent you a PM
  2. I am in need of a 1G Tube of the Tamiya Ball Diff Grease, has to be brand new and unopened.. . If any one can help please drop me an email. Thanks T
  3. Hi All I am looking for a kit box or lid for the Tamiya 49400 Porsche 934 30th Anniversary kit, has to be in excellent condition. if anyone can assist in this matter please drop me an email. Kind Regards T
  4. Hi sorry for the late reply............. I am afraid no CC01 kits spare at all. Sorry
  5. Hi I am in need of a kit box or box lid for kit number 58210 Subaru Impreza WRC has to be in good condition. If any one can help please drop me an email. Thanks T
  6. Same problem here same to work fine from my phone but error 500 from pc’s T
  7. Hi All I am in need of a new unused manual for the Mercedes Benz 190E Evo Re Release Kit number 58327 in English. If any one can help please drop me an email. Thanks T
  8. Jason I haven't forgotten about you.....I will email you soon. Tariq
  9. There are a few hiding multiples indeed not a dumb question at all really it’s one I would have asked.... Drop me an email and let me know what you are after. Thanks for the compliment too.
  10. I am afraid I do not have any 1/8 kits or body sets 😐 sorry buddy
  11. I know that feeling all too well.....Nice to here from you Kevin, I hope all is well buddy..... Thanks for the compliment.
  12. Hi All I have decided to thin out some of my collection in order for it to be more manageable.Therefore All the kits in my showroom that i have in multiples of are for sale..... My showroom is hereFeel free to make fair offers via private message.As always all reasonable offers will be considered.ThanksT
  13. Hey Eric I have not heard from you for a while. Drop me a mail mate. T
  14. Hi I will also take Number 3: 53100 Top Force Carbon Chassis Graphite Chassis Set and number 1 NIB 53166 4WD / FWD Chassis set also if the previous deals do not go through. Thanks T
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