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  1. Hi sorry for the late reply............. I am afraid no CC01 kits spare at all. Sorry
  2. Hi I am in need of a kit box or box lid for kit number 58210 Subaru Impreza WRC has to be in good condition. If any one can help please drop me an email. Thanks T
  3. Same problem here same to work fine from my phone but error 500 from pc’s T
  4. Hi All I am in need of a new unused manual for the Mercedes Benz 190E Evo Re Release Kit number 58327 in English. If any one can help please drop me an email. Thanks T
  5. Jason I haven't forgotten about you.....I will email you soon. Tariq
  6. There are a few hiding multiples indeed not a dumb question at all really it’s one I would have asked.... Drop me an email and let me know what you are after. Thanks for the compliment too.
  7. I am afraid I do not have any 1/8 kits or body sets 😐 sorry buddy
  8. I know that feeling all too well.....Nice to here from you Kevin, I hope all is well buddy..... Thanks for the compliment.
  9. Hi All I have decided to thin out some of my collection in order for it to be more manageable.Therefore All the kits in my showroom that i have in multiples of are for sale..... My showroom is hereFeel free to make fair offers via private message.As always all reasonable offers will be considered.ThanksT
  10. Hey Eric I have not heard from you for a while. Drop me a mail mate. T
  11. Hi I will also take Number 3: 53100 Top Force Carbon Chassis Graphite Chassis Set and number 1 NIB 53166 4WD / FWD Chassis set also if the previous deals do not go through. Thanks T
  12. Hi Buddy Thank you very much for that info......... I can now move with that T
  13. Hi All I have a friend who is in need of set of bushings for the steering for the Tamiya Avante 2001 The part number for these according to the Manual are parts SE4-3455256 (hexagonal bushing), and SE3-3455221(round bushing). 4 in total (2 of each). Part of the bushings bag 9405581. As always any help and assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Photo from the manual below Kind Regards T
  14. Hi All I have for sale a new in box Tamiya Top Force Evolution Kit (Kit No 58107). Further details and photos can be seen in my trade room here Thanks T
  15. Hi All I have for sale a new all original Tamiya Frog (Kit No 58041). This being one of the Early Japanese versions. Further details and photos can be seen in my trade room here. Thanks T
  16. Hi All I have for sale a new all original Tamiya Clod Buster Body Parts Set no 50325 (for Kit No 58065). Complete with the all important Chevy Badge on the grill & Chevrolet stamped on the rear tailgate. Sold. Thanks T
  17. Hi All I am after an original vintage uncut body shell for the Tamiya Frog As always any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. drop me an email if you can help. Paypal or Trade waiting. Thanks, T
  18. It will indeed be interesting as it has definitely generated a serious PR stunt...........If MZ have had any beneifts from this maybe we can look forward to some further crazy price reductions in the future!!!!
  19. I spoke to a MZ manager yesterday after receiving my final delivery. He confirmed the pricing was a huge mistake from their HQ!! . The stores all received an email on Monday telling them to promptly increase the prices to what they should have been at! I think we have all been extremely fortunate to grab what we wanted at ridiculously low prices (well below cost!!) while the going was good. Thanks to Andy (TWINSET) for creating the awareness for us folk :-)
  20. Hi All I have for sale in my trade section a Tamiya Ford F150 Ranger XLT Body Shell for kit no 58027. . Please click on the link below for details and photos. http://www.tamiyaclu....asp?cid=111075 Feel free to make an offer or ask any further questions or for further photos. Thanks T
  21. <p> Hi I believe this is a mounting kit which was produced when Tamiya re-released a limited run of the Mountaineer body set (49457 is the kit number). This is a limited release event only item. This mounting kit enables you to fit the mountaineer body to the Ford F350 High-Lift type chassis I hope this helps. Thanks T
  22. Hi All Price has been reduced now to £90 Including Mainland UK delivery. Thanks T
  23. Hi All I have for sale New In Box Tamiya Rising Storm kit no 58334. The sale includes a set of metal Bearings. The details and Condition can be seen in the high resolution photos provided in my trade room here http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=110389&id=25685 Thanks T
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