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  1. Hi, just bought a new Xcelorin combo and i tried to install the drivers from the usb adapter but it said it couldnt "find" the drivers. Now, i have completely uninstalled my anti virus and ive got full administrative rights and it's not prompting me to install the drivers at all. Also, when i connect the adapter, the computer makes 2 low pitch beeps instead of the usual one low and one high pitch when something is connected to the usb port. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
  2. Anyone got one of these or used one? http://www.modelsinmotion.co.uk/product.as...63&tamiya=0 Was going to save up 115 to get a brushless Xcelorin but saw this, only 65 which i think is very resonable. No motor limit So yeah, anyone have any info on this, would like to hear it Thanks.
  3. True, i've only had experience of Deans though so i can't compare them to any other connectors
  4. Yeah the deans plugs are easy to put on provided you have the right tools. Ideally you want a 30W soldering iron although i used a 25W. Some flux, makes it a heap easier. Something to grip the deans plug, i used a small stand with a crocodile clip on it, its easier to work on when it's being held still. Some solder (duhh) and a steady hand. Theres loadsa guides on how to wire up a dean connector on youtube so they will show you how to in detail. Also, there are different versions of deans plugs by different companies. I use Much-More Deans style connectors, there quite a bit cheaper than offical deans plugs but as far as i can tell perform almost same So yeah, if you have no need to put on deans plugs just yet then it can wait but once/if you go brushless and/or get better batteries then useing deans is a big advantage.
  5. Holy ****, sorry just checked the postage and packing cost....wait for it....45.99!!!! Which is about $95 in canada. Which means overall, $145 for a bodyshell...jeez. Guess that ones outta the question
  6. Would this be good? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HPI-PORSCHE-911-TURB...bayphotohosting
  7. Hi Paul, Hope you enjoy Tamiyaclub Also, i'm from Hertfordshire area aswell, North Watford/Bushey area
  8. +1 on the E-Revo, they look hella cool and fit your specifaction
  9. Ahah, a solution to all of your deans related problems (or maybe not i just wanted to make a dramatic entrance). I've just posted this picture on another thread but i guess it can be used again I've wrapped some of the end of the dean's plugs in insulation/electrical tape, there's less chance of touching the 2 wires together through the heat shrink not covering up all of the wire, also, here's the bigg'un. It is physically possible to pull them apart!!! Shock, horror, yes, they are actually easy to pull apart. It gives you much more area to grip onto when pulling them apart and provided they have been soldered on well they wires shouldn't seperate from the deans plugs (at least has never happened to me). I haven't seen anyone else do this so either i'm Einstein No.2 or there's a good reason not to wrap the ends in insulation tape =/ Either way it works and the plugs don't get hot so i can't see the problem
  10. Very nice I've got a ta-05 (not the ifs) and i think its a great chassis, it holds up well to a lot of the higher end cars for a fraction of the price. 2 suggestions, spare hub carriers, i've broke 2 already hitting into things wheel first. However, i think overall this car is very solid and can hold up to a lot of punishment. Next, (sorry if you already know this but ill say anyway), deans plugs (or similar). Especially if you're going to get a lower turn motor or go brushless, these will help a lot. They've got hardly any resistance compared to Tamiya plugs, making the car slightly faster, the battery last slightly longer and stops the plugs from overheating with excessive use. Also, i little trick, this is on my B4 but anyway, I've put a bit of insulation tape around the ends of the deans plugs, i haven't seen anyone else do this but it seems to work for me:) It makes them less likely to short and gives better grip when your pulling them apart. Errrrm thats about it/ Have fun.
  11. Agree 100% They assume nobody has ever seen an RC car before and, setting a world record speed attempt in a buggy with an unexperienced driver on a wet runway with stones on it, wasn't really going to happen from the start.
  12. What motor does the electric one have in it?
  13. Yeah, thats what i was thinking, stick a 3T brushless in there and you could clear 15 odd miles....
  14. Bit of a poor attempt at jumping by both of them tbh...
  15. Haha, yeah same, thanks for the reminder
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