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  1. Thanks for the help and advice silvertriple! It did work which surprised me... glad to be able to handle that without waiting on even more parts haha I owe you one!!! I hope my plate does not break!
  2. Thanks for the ideas. Although it would be easy to flip the balls and nuts to the other side of the horn, the space for the horn/ arms inside the chassis is very limited so this solution will not work... even if it would, it would put the arms at a crazy angle and most likely bind them up or reduce throw. Yonzariq do you have a part #, or pic of the GPM alum. arm you used? That is most likely the way I will have to go, either that, or just super glue the stock saver together as I have seen others do. It seems that if tamiya are going to make crazy kicked out horns, then they need to at least provide the option to buy the high torque parts that match this design, even if they are not included in the 51000 kit.
  3. Hello! Well while it's cold outside I decided to build up a DT03 racing fighter buggy. It isn't too hard a kit to build but I ran into a issue. I have bought the upgraded metal servo mount and a fairly fast servo also. So I did not want to run the crap box standard servo saver. I have a black 51000 "high torque" saver with the metal bands. I see now that it won't work in this chassis! Because the stock horn is kicked up with a huge offset, so the ball cups/arms can clear the chassis. I cannot mount the stock horn on the high torque the insides work totally differently. So is there some arm I can buy or fit to the high torque to make it work? Surely everyone is not having to use the crap kit servo saver just for that issue any tips would be appreciated!
  4. mud4fun The reedy motors from the late 90's through the early 2000's were awesome and easily my favorites... sonics, kryptons etc! Quad mag 19t was very good too. Nowdays most brushed motors are junk "unless" they are crawler related :p I see one motor that keeps popping up on ebay, a T5 "tuning engine zero yokomo" motor, hand wound, etc... most sellers seem to be from Germany. This motor is not available in the U.S. but supposedly it is made in Japan. I find it tough to feel sorry for Tamiya in getting ripped off... because I never thought it would be tough to find a simple black can "sports tuned" motor. But yet here we are, where a sports tuned motor is a worthless looking silver can with a sticker. I hate to say or admit it, but from purely asthetic or looks goes, the china motors are better. I have a fox that is without a motor, and it's sad that I can't find a authentic sports tuned to stick in it!
  5. Thanks for the explanation. I understand what you are saying for sure, I used to shop at Tower alot. With that said, if someone wants to throw me a best offer feel free. I need to move this on
  6. Hi khyzersoze. Thanks for the reply! Although I have to say I am confused by it? Are you saying you think my price is too high? I have tried to price it lower than tower hobbies has it, *($284) on ebay. If you know somewhere cheaper let me know!
  7. Can someone here use a new in the box clodbuster kit? This is the earlier 2012 release, not the one that is currently out. I am asking for $270.00 shipped in the lower 48 united states... I have new hopup parts from crawford also...
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