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  1. Thanks for your insight guys will probably be looking towards the hobby end of the market.
  2. Hi does anyone use plotters for making vinyl decals or for paint masking as i am thinking of buying one for paint masking only really looking for a hobby one & just really want to know if they are worth the money. Thanks Rich
  3. You right that ranger body looks good & i can't help but see canonball run is on the tv in the backround.
  4. Just a heads up guys & girls just had an unauthorised use of my ebay account someone trying to sell high end cars on classified ads but a quick call to the people in customer service had it all sorted out in no time. so i dont need to remind anyone to regularly change your password & not keep the same one for years unlike me, lesson learned i would say.
  5. Thanks Daves956 much appreciated will give it a go, i just wasn't sure if anything would happen if i cleared over the decals.
  6. Hi fellow tc members I have a question about decals as i have a project on the go were i am going to use some decals but i need to laquer the body ( its a hard body if this makes any difference ) so the question i have is what do you all do with your decals do you put them on & laquer over the top, can you laquer over them without shrivel or do you just put them on. One final thing do i have to use tamiya clear or will any acrylic clear coat do. Thanks Rich
  7. i would also look at gorrila glue i use it for sticking everything.
  8. I thought about this back along after watching pathe news reels of men in flat caps flying planes, after all back then in the 40s & 50s if you wanted rc you had to make everything yourself. But then as soon as the thought entered my head it left again good luck if you decide to do it.
  9. Hi Dez im from tewkesbury if you want somewhere to go you want to try the school playing fields or the motorcross track at hags hill, or the very bottom car park at the race course always my favourite place, eastnor castle another favorite place of mine. Hope that helps. Rich
  10. How about a gas powered soldering iron you fill it with ciggy lighter gas, you can vary the heat, you don't have to plug it in, mine has 4 differerent size tips from 1mm to 4mm & you can remove the tips to use it as a blow torch i use mine for everything.
  11. Try pro bolt thats were i get all my stuff from but then it's only round the corner from were i live.
  12. you are right i will contact the vendor & see what they have to say, clearing my conscience at the same time ? Cheers cheese ?
  13. ok then as the title says do you be honest or not, let me set the scene as this happend to me a couple of weeks ago. you buy an item from ebay, you wait for a week nothing turns up, so you email the vendor twice in the following week but get no reply, ok then you give it another week still nothing so you email the vendor again still no reply. Eventually you get fed up & start procedings to get your money back, thinking this might gee them up, after all you want the item but don't want to wait any longer. You get your money back & then thinking it's all over, a week later the item turns up & on the despatch note says it has been despatched a week after you have got your money back, it could just be a case of incompetence. What do you do after all you have not paid for this item & it's been three weeks since you have recieved it. so do you 1) send it back saying they made a mistake ? 2) keep the item & say nothing ?
  14. just realized i put this in the wrong section serves my right for trying to watch tv at the same time doh
  15. as the title says has anyone made any scale lights for their cars maybe from a household item or something that's readily available im writing this as in the interest in spending very little or no money can you make realistic scale lights for your car ? Cheers Rich
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