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  1. Thanks for the welcome Simon. Lots of useful information on the site and plenty of great looking buggies too.
  2. Hi, I am new to the Forum and signed up to help me learn a bit more about the original Rough Rider i recently purchased and also hopefully source some of the broken parts. I am looking for a set of (left and right) Front axle mounts (Part N6) per the original manual. I have attached a picture of mine which are damaged. I believe they are the Mk1 version (please correct me if i am wrong) and would like to replace with the same. Shipping would need to be to Sydney Australia, which of course i would cover! Appreciate it if someone has a set they would be willing to sell. Regards Brent
  3. Hi all, New to the forum - im looking for a Vintage Tamiya RC buggy as a project. I had a Holiday buggy when i was a kid, but destroyed it im still kicking myself. So now im looking for a project car - Top preference would be a Wild One. Needs to be complete and in fair condition (something to work with) Second preference would be a Holiday Buggy, again in fair condition and complete. Dont really need any electrics included as i will add my own. Im looking to spend about 200USD (i hope thats realistic) + shipping to either Australia or Qatar. Hoping someone can help me out! Cheers Brent
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