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  1. Toronto, eh? Nice to see another member from the same city :)

    1. Frio_


      Toronto indeed, we should hook up and chat RC sometime :D

  2. For sale is a brand-new Tamiya 53951 TRF501X Front One-Way Set option part OP-951. The item is new in original bag and was imported from Japan. I can ship worldwide, but local pickup in the Greater Toronto Area is also available. Asking for $30 +shipping
  3. Thanks, I am looking for one with or without the whole box. I know some people have not used them when building the TA03F, I guess we'll see if anyone is willing to let go of one (boxed or not)...
  4. Looking for an unpainted Audi A4 STW body, it doesn't have to be complete with the fill 50720 box set, I need only the body itself (no plastic parts, no stickers), but will consider purchasing the full set. Frio
  5. Hello everyone, I am looking for a Terra Scorcher, preferably NIB, but will also consider new built and pristine, complete projects. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Cheers! Frio
  6. For sale is a very rare NIB TRF501X, the original 4WD car that marked Tamiya's return to high-performance off road competition. Asking price is USD $500 + shipping from Canada. Payment method is cash on pickup (in Toronto) or PayPal gift. Please PM me if interested, I will leave the ad here for a few days before putting it on EBay Frio
  7. For sale is an extremely rare NIB TRF414M Champion Memorial Edition (49220), a limited release version only available in Japan for a very short time, an excellent collector piece. The car is now sold. Payment is cash on pick-up (in Toronto) or PayPal gift. Please PM me if interested, I will leave the ad here for a few days before putting it on EBay. Frio
  8. As per title, for sale is a mint TA03F Pro (58177) with a beautiful Alfa 155 DTM Martini bodyshell and matching wheels. As you can see the car has barely ever been used, chassis plates and plastic parts are in perfect condition, no scratches whatsoever. Asking for USD $150 + shipping from Canada, cash on pickup (Toronto) or PayPal gift. Please PM me if interested. Frio
  9. As the title says, I am looking for a Terra Scorcher. Preferably new built, but I consider NIB and excellent condition ones too. Thanks, Frio
  10. I am afraid I live in Toronto, Canada. Too bad, I would have purchased one motor with no box. Frio
  11. As per title, I am looking for a Dyna Run for a shelf queen, any help is appreciated. I am looking preferably at a NIB. Cheers! Frio
  12. Found a car on ebay in good shape, thanks everyone!
  13. Modern radio gear is definitely fine I have a few oldish touring cars, which I used to race back then. Other than that I am building one of the re-re Egress that I would like to use; I will probably take it to Sid's on a few Sundays, but it would be nice to bash somewhere closer. I live downtown Toronto...
  14. It would be nice to meet every now and then and chat about models, or to bash with some older Tamiya cars...
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