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  1. Looks Good!! Do you have any pictures of the body mounting points for the rear wing? Wondering if it stands out or is noticeable if not used. I have an Interlagos Blue Coupe, and I'm think about getting one of these to go along with my E30 M3 model.
  2. Was hoping I could just swap out the bodies depending on my mood. Well I've built the M3. I added ball bearing during the built process, otherwise it's stock (at least for now). Here is a picture of it along with my Bruiser. I'll probably bring the M3 out at car events to play with during down time. In the little testing I've done in the driveway it feels plenty quick (for now), but since I generally say that about my real cars right before I start ordering aftermarket parts for them, I'm not going to hold my breath on it staying this stock long term.
  3. Congratulations. My living room coffee table is my current work area, and is covered with RC car parts (building BMW M3). Feels good to be building something that will be functional. First RC car/plan I've built in about 15 yrs.
  4. I just got a TT-01 BMW M3 Sport Evo kit, and also want to get the BMW Z4 M body (51295 ) to go on it. In reading about the Z4 M kit is says that is a short wheel base kit by reversing the rear suspension arms (251mm). Will this change prevent the body from fitting on a standard setup TT-01 chassis? Thanks Since this is my first post I figure I'll give my history. Years ago as a little kid I had Wild Willy's that I ground the wheelie loops off on from having so much fun with it I also had a Grasshopper. I wanted a Buiser, but got talked out of it by my mom, and then finally picked one up about 4 years ago. After my original cars I got into RC planes, and had about 5 planes before going to college and did not having time or a transport vehicle to continue flying. Last week my brother vaulted me back into Tamiya RC's with the TT-01 M3. Both the M3 and the Z4 M are perfect for me since I'm a car nut, and a BMW M nut even more. My weekend/track car is a Z4 M.
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